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  1. "Yep.There are over 1.5 billion souls, potential children of God that owe allegiance to Islam.So it's good for us as Christians to be prepared to answer any questions they may raise. Here are five common questions:

    1.How can God be one and yet three?

    2.Is it possible for God to have a wife (Mary) and bear a son(Jesus) with her?

    3.The Bible contains errors?

    4.Paul corrupted Christianity?

    5.Christ did not die on the cross, and thus there was no resurrection?

    I kind of need help with those questions."


    1. God is one being in 3 persons, but He cannot be compared to nothing else. That is why he said to Moses "I am who I am", because HE cannot be compared to nothing else. His creation is extremely complicated, there is no reason fir Him to too. 

    2. God is all powerful and all holy. He cannot bear a son through sexual conduct because His nature is pure, He is capable of doing evil. His Spirit put Jesus inside Mary's womb. 

    3. The Bible contains no error. It does have contradictions if you get rid of the context, but the Quran contains around 120.

    4. Paul did not corrupted Christianity. He was historically usually along side the disciples preaching about Jesus, the same disciples that the Quran says that are "noble". Then why were they preaching about Jesus being God? Because HE WAS.

    5. There are 42 Roman and Jewish non-Christian documents that claimed about Jesus's crucifixion on the cross. No one has ever survived crucifixion, with the exception of one or two men that the Emperor ordered to be brought down immediately and healed by the best healers because they were the friends of the heir. There were three men crucified, but one or two of them died. Jesus resurrected, as He appeared among more than 500 people. This people believed what they saw as they were willing to die for it. The disciples believed that He was God(The Quran said that they were noble, if they were noble to Islam then they wouldn't have believed that Jesus was God). The shroud of turin could be evidence that I found clear, but it is disputed at this moment. 

    Conclusion: Islam is not "the true religion". Christianity is. 

    1. Michi



      1. How can God be capable of doing able. Re-read 2

      2. I agree with you that Paul didn't corupted Christianity. It just he speaks hard words and people don'tlike it. People these days don't want to hear hard words.

      3. I also agree that Christianity is the true religion.

    2. Marvin


      Yeah, sorry for number 2. That was a typo. 

    3. Michi


      @Marvin it's okay just checking :D

  2. davida chi

    The Most Holy Body and Blood of Our Lord

    All this religious talk... Scripture makes everything clear if we yield our hearts sincerely to God. The Holy Spirit is there to guide us into ALL truth. Concerning Eucharist, We are of the body and blood of Jesus. As we eat the bread and blood of Jesus, we are reiterating our oneness with Him.
  3. davida chi

    Seeking Advice

    I like the guy. Just bear with him till you officially enter the order. And next time, switch off your phone when you want to commune with God.And practice calling him yourself every day: that will at least leave him with no excuse.
  4. davida chi

    Things are only getting worse..

    Calm down, take a deep breath and say: Jesus, I have no idea of what to do now. Just do what only you know how to do. And trust Him. You will see every thing sorted out.
  5. Enjoyed philosophy lectures today. 

    Favorite: how do you know that you know?

  6. davida chi

    New Guy but Old Guy

    Welcome back. Hope you have a great time!
  7. davida chi

    What's your future?

    Currently studying law.Looking to a career as a human rights activist.
  8. Talked with Jehovah's witnesses this morning before fellowship for over two hours!And they even called their leader to help 'handle' me. But I couldn't believe how calm I was in responding to the questions they threw at me.

    And I've now found new friends! Prayer is for God to reveal Himself to them through me. There is no thought or philosophy that can't be brought to true obedience to God.


    1. immortalbelief


      That's always a 'fun' experience. Glad it all went well though. 


    2. davida chi
  9. Second day at university! Enjoying me self!:drool:

  10. Jesus knows all about my struggles

    He will guide till the day is done

    There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus

    No not one,no not one.

  11. Yeah! Boogles is right. In addition:sit down, don't rush,and determine what you want for your life.Most people feel like dating and doing all of that because that is what is usually done at our age,not because it's important to us personally.
  12. davida chi


    True. That is what I am talking about. God bless us and continue revealing His Presence to us.
  13. davida chi


    Hi!This is for everyone facing tough times now. Time:Genesis Situation:Jacob is running from home,because his enraged brother is about to kill him. Day 1: I leave my home of birth,with no idea of what awaits me. I walk on through the dusty lands of ancient mesopotamia,tired, thirsty, hungry- till I reach a certain place because the sun has set.I have no pillow,so I make the stone my pillow. Then I have a dream, in which angels ascend and descend from heaven. And on top of the stairway is God,awesome and majestic, and He says the sweetest words: I am with you and will watch over you where ever you go! So I awake from this sweet sleep on a stone, and I realize that God is in this place, though I am not aware of it. *****"********"**"************"**" When things are tough,it usually so overwhelms us that we forget the most beautiful truth ever:God is right there for us!
  14. davida chi

    Shameful for women to speak in church?!

    Used NIV for the passage in 1Timothy.And I don't think you're getting me. The passage in Timothy gives us an idea of what the law being referred to is: For Adam was formed first, then Eve.And Adam was not the one deceived, it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. So is this just contextual, given the reason for the command? And may be check out the entry in wikipedia for women in Christianity.
  15. davida chi

    How I replanted the bud

    Sweet heart, I won't tell you that I understand what you're going through - no. But I know Someone who understands,and who is far greater than ANY THING you can ever go through. His name is Jesus, and guess what: you're His property. It's really not my words,but what God has shown me from scripture. And concerning the prayer issue, check out Romans 8:26 - 27: We all, whether we are alright or not;we all do not know what we ought to pray for,but the Spirit helps us to pray by interceding for us. So don't stress yourself, come to God the way you are. That is really what prayer is.