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    Alright I've been thinking, when life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give me lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!
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    Philosophy, Computing, Psychology and distorted people.
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  1. VisionaryHeathen

    Does God have limits?

    Maybe you should do some more research and think a little more about what he said
  2. VisionaryHeathen

    Does God have limits?

    It's quite amazing how you seem like you almost know God, but I appreciate your theory/belief, you say you do not understand number 2?, I was implying that for a being to create he need's a mind, or at least a plan correct?, therefore he had a memory and he was aware of what he was doing from the very start correct?, and he managed to write down all 7 days, well we did from the word of god, but did we literally hear him or did we just think it up?, see this is the issue here, you say god is an all powerful being which had a plan from the very start and can do anything yet there is no real explanation for it, well none that I have found, only more ideas, that was the whole point, an idea, a plan to create, change and become, that's what god did right?, he is everything and everywhere, but is that literal or a metaphor or just poetry?, thing id I believe if god did exist then he would need limitations in order to see any value in human kind at all, because why would an all powerful being even need us for?, and if we don't follow we burn basically even though we are a curious race which run through trial and error, did he know everything from the start or did he learn from his own mistakes? For number 2, no it does not make any more sense to suggest that God gave things "definition" because the thing is the bible was a "translation" from another language, Latin I believe, thing is God already knew what the light and darkness were with a definition which suggests that the idea of light and darkness came from somewhere else in order to give him the idea for the light and the darkness at all, imagine yourself just appearing in a universe and you were just a baby yet you survive and have lots of power, are you curious?, are you going to grow up?, will your power change?, will you even be aware?, and so on, to say that god was just there is not a very sensible explanation, but then what i'm implying i not an explanation but a reasonable hypothesis. Number three, okay good point but not good enough, when I suggest he has a body I was relating to the point that like humanity we have a body and supposedly with in us we have a spirit correct?, thing is with god's "spirit" he would have needed a potential form or non-form to have control over the power, if power is not controlled then it is chaos which of course is what generally started the big bang anyway. And for number 4, once again this also relates to the other three, I suggest that he became tired because firstly, why 7?, that's a bit too specific, and of course we have seven days of the week. The number seven had a mystical significance to Babylonians. It was associated with the seven heavenly bodies; the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. I say he needs a limit too, because here's another thing, God can't stop everything even if he did make everything, maybe, okay here is a scenario for you, he either had loads of trial and errors until he got to us or he literally made us without any hesitation or reason and then sin interfered and made the world what it is today giving god purpose i suppose, you cannot have darkness without light, he made night and day just like that, but then again that happens on more than one planet, there are billions upon billions of planets and stars out there, so for someone to say that god made us first with all the other sun's and orbiting planets which were probably there way before us, oh wait there were stars but no mention of other planets, there was earth but no mention of the solar system, funny isn't it?, that he made all of this but never mentions it so when we discover it we wonder did we just make it all up or did god really make all these solar systems in the exact same way?, obviously leading to the potential of more life and beings, might even be a regenerating time lord At the end of the day, to define something is more important than we realise, like time, it is not a number but it is what we count time with.
  3. VisionaryHeathen

    Does God have limits?

    Hello people! a thought just came to mind, has anyone wondered how far God's power can actually reach? I have a little hypothesis of my own including the very first lines of the bible which are; In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. 3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day. Now then, is there an issue here? I believe that there is, it is quite astounding how an all powerful being possesed such power since the very beggining isn't it? Also remember God possesed the power to create and give the earth "form" but that's not evn the biggest part here, besides looking at all he did from the very start you need to remember that; 1. He was self aware of his own existence which would mean he has some coordination as well as having the current power he possesed. 2. He already knew by definition what light and darkness was as well as already having a moral concept or "consciousness" 3. It also says that he was a spirit which by our definition is the non-physical part of a person or being, so does that mean he had a body? Also want to include another important part; " And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done" So does this suggest limitations?, the fact that he might have become tired from what he had created?
  4. Honestly that sounds more like an excuse to dwell on something you cannot escape from, the point i'm making here is this person just want's attention, I have spokden to many with bipolar and have suffered with depression for years, I still do myself actually and I find happiness in helping others by giving them another perspective and for the majority of the time it works, I have been close to suicide more times than I can count but I still carry on with the simple factor that is there are always others out there who can give me another reason to live, so much to explore and maybe by the end of it all, once I have done everything and I am still sad or depressed then i suppose i'll just die, i'm not going to live as long anyway due to my diabetes and bipolar, but I ws at a point where it became so bad that it did consume me and it detroyed everyon around me because at the time i couldn't do anything, so i just asked for help, didn't do anything but i did learn something, what makes us depressed we cannot always see so we need to find something else which can give us another better purpose, besides god but with in the life we have.
  5. Well most of the time it does, depression is a consumption which can be escaped from.
  6. VisionaryHeathen

    It Will Get Better

    Hmm, i've been there, actually I still am, problem with the bible for me is commitment, having a leap of faith and understanding how exactly the stories in the bible would have worked, I try not to doubt it but it's just with in me to question and rationalise everything in that book he made, for some reason I have so much haterid towards it, probably because of the amount of contradictions with in the book itself, which in return make people be drawn away from the faith in god, or just say "have faith and follow his word" right?, I did at one point but then I soon realised that it wasn't god that I needed but the people around me who I love and care about, they are most important to me, in all honesty when I use to go to church I only went because of the people, I never really had any kind of strong connection with god, never spoke to me, opened himself upto me, nothing ever felt any better with god because things just got worse, parents we're always arguing which made them split up and that made me depressed because I am a type 1 diabetic and I was going through hormones at the time, I was 15 then, and when I came to the lowest point in my life I prayed and hoped for an answer, but once again nothing so I came to the conclusion after one drastic action that it was people that are what really matter, for me god is just in a book, but we can see and know people which for me is enough, people are what make the world it is today, yes we might be full of sin and we can do horrible things but we've always been like that and even god cannot stop that, because he made us like it, if we weren't sinful or "natural" then we would not need a god, we would just need eachother, people are everything, god is only something that we have, yes he might do great things but so do we, not just because of god, but because of us, we now have doctors, scientists, vets, nurses and so many more to help the world, thing is god cannot stop sin so he'll just restart on judgement day and try again, trial and error, but he's perfect isn't he?, seems to me like it's just a pro-longed failure doesn't it?, but then we need failure in order to succeed, but that makes god limited, god can only observe because he connot interfere with what is natural, the perfect example is in the beggining, there was nothing, then god made light, the earth and the heavens, now here's the problem, he said that the light was "good" which means sin already existed because remember with good there is always evil, so in fact he could tell a difference which up's the factor that he wasn't the first god to be aware of his own existence, right?, now you go look into the multiverse theory and maybe your viewpoint will change, a little.
  7. Why are you depressed firstly?, here's the thing, prayer doesn't always work, but maybe people can help you out eh?
  8. VisionaryHeathen

    Overcoming sin

    And God has NO LIMIT. He literally said "Hey, stars, universe, everything, exist." and then it happened. BECAUSE HE SAID SO. Hmm, you might want to reconsider something there, I do believe that there is a quote "if you are all good then you cannot be all powerfull and if you are all powerful then you cannot be all good", just because someone can be perfect and can do anything doesn't mean that there aren't any limitations, and it concernes me that you don't take one thing into consideration, about the whole "BAD IDEA" concept, where did god have his idea's to create the universe?, there was nothing, supposedly there was something that gave god the idea's to create or did he rely on himself?, you think about that for a second, come back to me when you have actually got a reasonable conclusion, because here's the thing, human's aren't perfect which gives god purpose, I do not need a god and even when I needed him most he just ignored me no matter how much I prayed, so I just gave up and relied on myself more than anyone else from then on, best decision I ever made, because when you know yourself and pull through everything by yourself, you have become a better and stronger person than you were ever before, don't always turn to the creator if you are capable of doing the right thing by yourself, satan and his demons are ony a concept in most cases, I still have visions sometimes but nothing bad has happened to me so it's probably my over reactive imagination, well I am half mad anyway
  9. VisionaryHeathen

    Having the feeling of God's love

    Ok, thank you.
  10. VisionaryHeathen

    Having the feeling of God's love

  11. VisionaryHeathen

    Having the feeling of God's love

    Sorry my mistake, I should have said that this was just a general quote I like to hear from time to time, but if you can't give advice then that's ok.
  12. VisionaryHeathen

    Having the feeling of God's love

    I'm not in any situation, I was generally talking about the evolution of this feeling and relationship, if that makes sense?
  13. VisionaryHeathen

    Having the feeling of God's love

    Hello, I just wanted to put forward a point I think many have experienced, being able to feel the happiness from your God in a way it makes your life better, or in fact you don't feel it at all, I know this includes doubt, being un-motivated, angry or even confused with the way this feeling is meant to be felt. In a way I am an agnostic but I still have a faith in the possibility of a God/God's existing in our universe/multiverse/dimensions and bubble universes with new laws of many kinds, but that's not what I'm asking, I want to know how it all starts, obviously accepting Jesus, reading your bible and being faithful for your God's creation, but that feeling of joy and happiness at church isn't there for me, I get my happiness from meeting up with my friends and instead of going to church I go to my gf's usually, she brings me the best joy and happiness anyone could give me, she is like a gift from god, my faith is in humanity and I want to ask, if you don't feel right with God yet is that an issue?, is it so bad to not follow or read his book?, if you are happy, help others, get a job, make a family, plan out your own life in a way nobody is being affected is a God really required?, I mean the two best parts of the bible are "treat your neighbour as how you would want to be treated" and "God helps them who help's themselves" It's hard for me to find the right church but I always find the right people to make my life worth living, I'm sure others can relate, thanks for reading this.
  14. VisionaryHeathen

    Questions about PRAYER and SIN, please help?

    1. We don't but we always hope or at least assume he is, we just have to wait and observe 2. Then there might be a part in your life where God tries to remind you, in a dream or a vision maybe, like they say God work's in mysterious ways, but if you can't remember no matter what I guess he'll forgive you. 3. God knows everything so why would you need to be specific? 4. You also need to consider that you said "supposedly" so I suppose that in theory he will forgive you for everything but you will also be doing something sinful if you do not ask for forgiveness when you do do something sinful and you think that you have already been forgiven, god is not lenient, he is a being with a book of rules. 5. book of rules says no so I guess so, but humans change and so does god, so maybe god is lenient in that area lol.
  15. VisionaryHeathen

    Teens basic need for Success.

    Studying, friends, family and support is my key of my successful life, because without them I would be nothing and they inspire me, show me, tell me things i need to be and do, God gave me my family and friends and the opportunity to have an education, I do not need to rely on god for success but I will always have my friends and family to help me, when you find happiness you find success because when I was depressed I just didn't want to study or go anywhere in life, I have type 1 diabetes and hormones which basically means I have very little control sometimes, to me that felt like hell and who helped me was myself mostly, God was there for some of it but for the most of it I figured my own way out and now I have a gf, friends and a mother and father that support me still, so the key to success is to be happy and to make sure everything you do has stability, once you have this everything will be better.