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  1. JenniferMaust

    Clothing Question

    Thats okay. I guess you should spend time alone. And you have made a plan then let her wear it. We live in a modern world now. Every other girl wears it and you should not feel weired about it.
  2. JenniferMaust

    I'm So Lost

    You just wrote an article. No offense
  3. JenniferMaust

    What should I do

    Its okay! Love is something that happens suddenly. Unless you feel like having one, you won't get one.
  4. JenniferMaust

    Mom's 50th birthday???

    LA is a magical place with a pleasant energy throughout the city. Celebrating her birthday in LA would be a huge fun for her. You should spend alone time with your mom instead of inviting friends. She's a business woman and must be busy so spending alone time will make her happier. At midnight get her a chocolate cake as we ladies like eating chocolate cakes. Bring her a nice gift, something that looks professional and she can carry along her like glasses or hand bag. There are suppliers of sunglasses that sell sunglasses in bulk. Wholesale reading glasses suppliers provide best eye-wear, their readers look quite professional. You can even look for handbags on-line. You can gift her a make up or some related stuff.
  5. JenniferMaust

    Should I get back with my ex?

    NO don't. For some time you'll feel better but then things will start messing up again.
  6. JenniferMaust

    Spring semester classes

    I will be going for sports classes. Where my interest lies.
  7. JenniferMaust

    Choosing a Career Path

    Before my graduation even I was confused. But the best thing to do is just listen to your heart. Do that your wants you to do.