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    Is this normal or weird?

    I'm 14 years old and just started 9th grade. So me and my friend were hanging out in my room working on a project for history class, and I had to leave for a few minutes to feed my dog. When I got back she was asleep in a funny way. Like she was asleep on the bed, but her feet were sticking out and they were up on the desk. We were making a poster for presentation but her feet were on top of it. I didn't wake her up because she fell asleep in like 5 minutes, so she was tired. I just started working again, but I kept getting distracted because her toes kept wiggling a lot, so I started playing around with them. For example when I push her toes a few times, they would start wiggling by themselves. Then I would hold them still to make them stop wiggling. Then I put the radio on to see what happens, and sometimes when I pushed her toes they would start wiggling to the beat of the song. I think she was dreaming about dancing the whole time since we both take dance class, because they were following instructions too. So I was just messing around to see how good they are at following instructions when she's asleep. For example when her toes were wiggling, I whispered "wiggle faster" and they actually started wiggling faster lol. When I whispered "point your toes" she did the tippy toes like a ballet dancer and holds it for a long time, like sometimes she holds it until I push her toes back. Is it normal that I was amused by her feet when she was asleep? I haven't told her about this because I think it might sound weird and awkward. I just thought it was cute because she has long toes and takes care of them. So am I a weirdo for thinking this is cute? And would she be upset to find out I was making her toes wiggle like nonstop when she was asleep? Thanks.