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  1. I think that this article would be a good explanation: http://www.catholic.com/magazine/articles/how-do-we-know-it’s-the-true-church From experience, I believe that sola scriptura causes problems, from minor to major, along with the other solas. Not to mention the Catholic church is the original church, even before it was known by name, even before the orthodox and Lutheran splits.
  2. Oh! Cool. I wouldn't understand any of it because I'm taking French for my language requirement
  3. What kind of Christian channels? I'm always up for expanding my knowledge.
  4. It's a Catholic channel. Eternal Word Television Network. I really like the program on there
  5. It depends on which anime you watch; check the reviews to see if it has inappropriate content. Only some anime have magic in them. And even then, I personally believe that magic in the media is only bad if the characters have to ask some entity for powers. Like for example, Harry Potter. They're seen practicing spells and stuff, but they're never seen communicating with spirits or demons like real witches would. I personally wouldn't want small children to watch it, of course.
  6. yep! michi?
  7. Yep! Michi?
  8. Yep! Michi?
  9. Hi! Devoted Catholic here. Whenever I start to question I look up pro catholic arguments, and look up miracles. Especially the miracles. How do you explain the weeping statues of Mary? How do you explain the Eucharist literally turning into flesh and blood on a few occaisons? Not to mention that Peter was made the first "pope" (though it wasn't called that) back then. But if you think Lutheranism is best, don't be afraid to try it out! I experimented with Methodism for awhile.
  10. Nope Michi?
  11. no boogles?
  12. You know what they say, thick thighs save lives! I'm certainly no exception.
  13. I went to a family-run local diner this morning and had cinnamon short-stack pancakes with homefries and rye toast. It was delish