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  1. Hello all, My husband is working as an Real Estate agent. He's getting some threatening call from a guy. I don't exactly know the reason behind the threat. I asked him and he said that he doesn't know who is calling him. What shall I do now?? I told him that if he calls again we can give a complaint, but he told me that we should not file a complaint. . I need some kind of safety for my husband. If you know any other safety solution, please let me know. I hope that by the grace of the God everything will be fine soon. Please do pray for my husband.
  2. Betty

    Does he care

    You may feel that you haven't done anything, but your father will be very happy in little things which you do. Don't feel bad. Your dad will be always happy for you.
  3. Betty

    Alcohol addcition

    Alcohol addiction is really difficult to control. Slowly reduce the amount of alcohol consumption everyday little by little. One fine day you can get rid of that habit.
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    Hello all

    I'm Betty Ladner from Canada. I'm a newbie here and I would like to share my thoughts and experiences with you all.