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    I'm a open-minded highly intelligent teenager with strong christian moral values.. I think all things have a purpose, including myself. I hope you enjoy your stay at my profile!
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  1. Well, fortunately, I do have a bit of a lover now (we're getting there), and me and her /have/ set specific boundaries. Like, for example, after knowing her for a few weeks, a few days ago she gave me a kiss on the neck, and held hands with me. This week, I may or may not be kissed, and so forth. That doesn't however mean we're gonna cuddle next week, and do naughty things the week after that, but so far this is how the pacing is going. The pacing will slow down quickly, once we get to kissing, and no more than cuddling, since we're both teenagers, and obviously shouldn't be escalating things too quickly. To avoid discomfort, we both outlined what was and wasn't currently acceptable. She said no breasts, no groin, and no butt, which is pretty standard, and I agreed on her boundaries (and respected them). For my own boundaries, they are basically the same, except for the fact I don't have breasts. However, maybe a couple months, or a couple years in, we may change the boundaries and she might say 'okay, breasts are okay now' or 'thighs are okay now' and so on as a relationship develops and it's more stable. However I think it's good to focus on the less physical part of a relationship first, and get physical later. For example, you would begin by doing things together, playing games, drawing together, hobbies basically, that sort of thing. As time goes on and you spend more time and get more comfortable, tension releases and you get more relaxed and accepting of new things with that person. Anyways, just my rantings and thoughts! (Even though I'm in a relationship now, I won't remove this article, since, well, it has some lovely people making interesting discussions)
  2. Well, another problem is 'how good is good enough for you'? Lots of people either set too high an expectation, or way too low, and finding the middle ground can be difficult, sometimes exceedingly so. Then, once you know the person and found a connection, pacing and boundaries are immediately a problem. (Don't want to be cuddling with them the day you meet them likely, and so on).
  3. Unfortunately, I've had a lot of trouble with girls, and it always seems to blow up in my face (not literally, fortunately).. I can't tell if I'm just not attractive enough, I keep pushing people away, I'm not interesting enough, or it's just a run of 'bad luck'... \ What do you people think, and is anyone else experiencing this kind of 'bad luck'?
  4. Those all sound like pretty good dreams to have, and thank you! Christmas is my favorite time of the year as well! As far as kids go, I'd be worried about my girl, if she's popping out 30 kids, she probably isn't going to be very healthy down there anymore XD. Women who have a lot of pregnancies have a lot of other problems to go along with, and I wouldn't want to force kids upon my woman. But yeah, my ideal is at least 2 biological kids, hopefully one male one female, and at least one adopted kid. I've likely a long way to go before I am raising a family though, being sixteen and single. XD
  5. Hello! My name is Will, I suppose on here you can call me Sir Will, or William, or whatever along those lines. I myself have quite a few dreams and aspirations, things I want to be and things I want to do in life. I want to travel the world, I want to have a loving wife, and eventually kids, hopefully at least one adopted if my finances can afford it. I want an amazing and decent paying job that I greatly enjoy. I want to pursue my hobbies of Metalworking, Historical European Martial Arts(HEMA), and many others. I love to write, and hope to publish at least one book in the future. I want to learn how to ride a horse, and have one of my own that I can ride just about anytime. I want my own house that I don't have to pay rent on, with plenty of yard space, maybe an acre of free land. I'd absolutely love to own a pet fox, maybe even setup a breeding farm to sell them as pets, if I can make it legal. I want to make owning a fox legal in Oregon, where I live, and hopefully the rest of the United States. The occupation I want is to be a therapist or Councillor of some kind, but I'm not sure what field. Those are my dreams and aspirations, most of them at least, but what are your dreams and aspirations?
  6. I'm free to talk to you if you'd like.
  7. I can't wait for Christmas, the one time especially in the year where I can just love, be loved, and understand the better things in life.

  8. Today I had a good day. I woke up at a good time, which is new for a guy like me, since all week I've woken up anywhere between 7 in the afternoon, to 2 o clock in the morning, that's fixed now fortunately. I went to church with my mother, two different churches, the first one for worship, and the second one for a speech and presentation. After that we went to my favorite restaurant, 'Sizzler', and had a nice lunch, then went home, now my parents are watching the movie ROGUE ONE, star wars.

    1. Sir Will

      Sir Will

      Although in total, my week has been oh so terrible.

  9. I think my new favorite song is 'Sweet Caroline' sung by Neil Diamond, I could listen to it a hundred times! So subtly romantic, yet has a pleasurable and smooth tone.

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    2. noelKt5


      Such a fantastic song!

    3. Boogles


      I know a guy who hates this song, so each time I think of it I think of him

      and his ten minute hate rant about Neil Diamond.

      So, basically every time I hear this song I giggle endlessly about the grown man who gripes about 70's pop.

    4. Bladesinger


      At 2015 summer camp, my team was called Sweet Caroline! Our motto was the chorus, of course! :P

  10. It's too bad I'm anti-social and trapped in a fifteen year old's body, otherwise I'd be such a romantic person!

    One day, I'm sure...

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    2. Sir Will

      Sir Will

      Yeah, I understand, I was thinking that too. I've been criticized and called out my entire life at the little things, and been called many things unfairly, so my apologies if it's a little touchy for me. ^^

      Thanks though.

    3. Sir Will

      Sir Will

      I also have quite a lot of Irish blood, a majority in fact, so that might explain my serious and aggressive behavior, but when things are cool, silly and affectionate nature. XD

    4. davida chi

      davida chi

      Accepted! But do believe in yourself and allow your past experience to RIP!

  11. Trump is a 'racist sexist hate-spewing bully' because that's what a lot of rich Americans WERE back then. He owns at least millions of dollars and has power over lots of people, it's natural for him to have an attitude that looks down on others. I personally believe it's not RIGHT for him to act that way, mind you, but it is the way he acts. I think much of what he said is blown WAY out of proportion and there is a lot of misconceptions and non-facts thrown about to make both candidates look bad, which is still floating around. I could go into each and every one of them, but it wouldn't change much. Clinton is a very strange woman in my eyes, and her entire career seems to be reptilian in nature, sneaking around and writhing in possibly corrupt exchanges, some of which may cost the lives of others. She has some experience in government, but not experience we can all admire her for whatsoever. I think she's a better person than Trump, in that regard, if you really look deep down into it, but by how much is hard to tell. I also don't agree with having her as a political candidate. If it was my choice? I simply would not vote, as I see Gary Johnson and Jill Stein as strange and unfit for office. We will need someone who is fit for office, calm and steadfast, and knows exactly what he believes, what he wants to do, and how to do it, not a trade between a 60s billionaire nightmare, and a corrupt woman who may have actually be responsible for the deaths of several people. As far as Christianity goes? Christianity =/= Politics. Our country is not a Christian country, it has a christian majority(If you want a 'Christian Country' look at Greece for an example). We CAN have a state ruled by Christians, but with a growing atheist, Muslim, and various other minority religious populations, it will not always be so easy to acquire wise Christian leaders, especially in a time where all is criticized. Democracy is a fair but harsh system, where nobody can truly exercise the extent of their beliefs, as there will always be very harsh opposition.
  12. Hello! My name is Will, Sir Will, that is. I'm a 'hardcore gamer', as in, I love to play games, I own lots of them, and I have a desktop computer capable of running what I want to play that costs lots of money. Enough about me, for now, how many of you play video games? If you do, here are some questions... What do you play games on? Where do you get your games? (Amazon, Gamestop, Bestbuy, Steam, Origin, Xbox Marketplace, etc.) What is your favorite game genre(Strategy, First Person Shooter, RPG, etc.) Name one or more of your favorite games! Excited about any upcoming games? How often do you play? So, back to me. What do you play games on? I play on a PC Desktop Computer with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 GPU (Graphics Card), an ASUS Motherboard, and an AMD FX-8320 Processor. Where do you get your games? (Amazon, Gamestop, Bestbuy, Steam, Origin, Xbox Marketplace, etc.) Steam, though I do occasionally use Origin for games that aren't on Steam, and sometimes I get my games for cheap from G2A. What is your favorite game genre(Strategy, First Person Shooter, RPG, etc.) Real Time Strategy, but I enjoy a diverse combination of genres. Name one or more of your favorite games! Wait for my list (Keep Scrolling) Excited about any upcoming games? Yes, of course... Halo Wars 2, Mordhau, Kingdom Come: Deliverence, Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, to name a few. How often do you play? Every single day. So, you want my list of steam games? Here you go. https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561198069706086/?cc=us
  13. I know it may hurt, but people change, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worst, you just have to work without him, find a new partner if you must. Like I said, give a last chance if you will, but, if he does not comply, find someone more worth your time.
  14. You know, I think I agree completely, if not for the fact I value the life of a newborn, just as I do the mother. If she's going to be suffering anyway due to rape, what does getting an abortion due to help her? Stop her from being a mother? Whatever the consequence of the female, it is not an excuse for the murder of a child, period. Some financial aid and more services should be given to rape victims to help them cope, like an extra thousand dollars a month or something, or a similar help to those who are suffering. But as for the unborn babies... They mustn't die just because the female was raped, it has no control over that, and has the right to live, as is a human right. Why murder someone because of someone else suffering? But, in every other way besides that, I do agree, the mothers definitely will need lots of help, and should be allowed more services, just not the right to murder their unborn baby.