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  1. Though there is few on here that still are active, and less that are interested in my own affairs, I'd like you all to know that I appreciate each and everyone of you. The assistance has been tremendous and helped me through my trial by fire. Although I am not active, I am thankful to the answers and emotional assistance this site and the Christians here have given me. Thank you.

    This is not a farewell, but rather a reminder, though I am extremely inactive on this site, fair warning.

  2. I can't wait for Christmas, the one time especially in the year where I can just love, be loved, and understand the better things in life.

  3. Today I had a good day. I woke up at a good time, which is new for a guy like me, since all week I've woken up anywhere between 7 in the afternoon, to 2 o clock in the morning, that's fixed now fortunately. I went to church with my mother, two different churches, the first one for worship, and the second one for a speech and presentation. After that we went to my favorite restaurant, 'Sizzler', and had a nice lunch, then went home, now my parents are watching the movie ROGUE ONE, star wars.

    1. Wulpez


      Although in total, my week has been oh so terrible.

  4. I think my new favorite song is 'Sweet Caroline' sung by Neil Diamond, I could listen to it a hundred times! So subtly romantic, yet has a pleasurable and smooth tone.

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    2. noelKt5


      Such a fantastic song!

    3. Buoyancy


      I know a guy who hates this song, so each time I think of it I think of him

      and his ten minute hate rant about Neil Diamond.

      So, basically every time I hear this song I giggle endlessly about the grown man who gripes about 70's pop.

    4. Bladesinger


      At 2015 summer camp, my team was called Sweet Caroline! Our motto was the chorus, of course! :P

  5. It's too bad I'm anti-social and trapped in a fifteen year old's body, otherwise I'd be such a romantic person!

    One day, I'm sure...

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    2. Wulpez


      Yeah, I understand, I was thinking that too. I've been criticized and called out my entire life at the little things, and been called many things unfairly, so my apologies if it's a little touchy for me. ^^

      Thanks though.

    3. Wulpez


      I also have quite a lot of Irish blood, a majority in fact, so that might explain my serious and aggressive behavior, but when things are cool, silly and affectionate nature. XD

    4. davida chi

      davida chi

      Accepted! But do believe in yourself and allow your past experience to RIP!

  6. I didn't know it until recently, but apparently there were quite a few ancient Greek female philosophers..

    1. Jakob


      There were not very many. Hypatia was the most popular of them all though. Women in the ancient Greek world often served as muses and oracles for divine inspiration, which could be thought of as being philosophical in some extent. However, most philosophy of the early Greeks (the metaphysics and epistemology) were done by males almost exclusively. There were, as I said, later contributors who made some contributions (like Hypatia). 

    2. Wulpez


      Hence I said 'quite a few', rather than stating that there are many or that they were very numerous. It would be equivalent to saying 'There were some' or 'There was about two handfuls.'

  7. Kings had all the authority in the world... Except, if he was corrupt, the higher chance of a rebellion occurs, and if he displeases his many vassals, they may try and overthrow him in a civil war... And if he's a Catholic, he must answer to the Pope and do what he says, no matter what it be, or face excommunication and eternal humiliation.

  8. I've noticed that in the hardest times in life, you can see the least clearly... The mind is where all physical problems are solved, and the soul is where all supernatural problems are solved(By God). I don't personally believe much that 'God is constantly working everything', and I hate to excuse every miracle like it's a work of God... If it was truly a work of God, wouldn't it be all clearly seen? My supernatural explanations come from religion and God, my logical conclusions come from myself and the thoughts of other bright minds... I have always thought that this is the way it should be. What differences us from our ancient ancestors if we blame all things good towards God? Just some controversial thoughts I've thunk up, though I may think differently soon, time will tell for sure.