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    My old biography was really dumb, so I'm changing it. I'm a young adult who has moderate political views, who is interested in studying the faith, and I tend to try and act modestly. I've been told I'm intelligent, and a great writer, and all these silly things, but doesn't everyone get compliments? My hobbies are games(Board or especially Video Games), Writing, Creative-Writing, Roleplaying, Reading, Healthy Debate/Discussion, and if given the inspiration, Exercise and Outdoor Play. Oh, I also like martial arts.
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    United States, OR, Springfield
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    Video games, board games, writing, history, reading, studying Faith, HEMA/Martial Arts, politics, roleplaying, and a few other things I'm probably forgetting
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    Unemployed, but I'm in College.
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    Protestant(Exploring Other Sects)
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  1. I think my new favorite song is 'Sweet Caroline' sung by Neil Diamond, I could listen to it a hundred times! So subtly romantic, yet has a pleasurable and smooth tone.

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    2. noelKt5


      Such a fantastic song!

    3. Buoyancy


      I know a guy who hates this song, so each time I think of it I think of him

      and his ten minute hate rant about Neil Diamond.

      So, basically every time I hear this song I giggle endlessly about the grown man who gripes about 70's pop.

    4. Bladesinger


      At 2015 summer camp, my team was called Sweet Caroline! Our motto was the chorus, of course! :P