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    My old biography was really dumb, so I'm changing it. I'm a young adult who has moderate political views, who is interested in studying the faith, and I tend to try and act modestly. I've been told I'm intelligent, and a great writer, and all these silly things, but doesn't everyone get compliments? My hobbies are games(Board or especially Video Games), Writing, Creative-Writing, Roleplaying, Reading, Healthy Debate/Discussion, and if given the inspiration, Exercise and Outdoor Play. Oh, I also like martial arts.
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    United States, OR, Springfield
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    Video games, board games, writing, history, reading, studying Faith, HEMA/Martial Arts, politics, roleplaying, and a few other things I'm probably forgetting
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    Unemployed, but I'm in College.
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    Protestant(Exploring Other Sects)
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I'm a fairly rational person I'd say. I seek mutual agreements, rational and reasonable answers, and I make great efforts to find the truth. I'm Protestant-raised, but I'm always looking to find more and more information to consider for my faith. Politically, I'm a moderate, perhaps a little left-leaning with recent events, but a moderate no less. I tend to try and debate and discuss with, no pun intended, moderation. I don't like to fight, and I've had well enough being angry at anything. 

My hobbies tend to be playing Video Games, but Board Games can be fun too. I like to be competitive sometimes, but playing cooperative can be a lot of fun too. Watching youtube or netflix is great, and I enjoy talking about the watching experience afterwards. Writing and reading are a lot of what I spend my time doing, and they tend to be hobbies of mine. I love to write creatively and roleplay, it tends to be my way of self-expression and creativity. The life of the mind, so to speak. I mentioned martial arts in my bio, but I should be more specific. I like learning Historical European Martial Arts, like longsword fencing and wrestling and dagger plays. Unfortunately, that's a lot of work, and I don't have a partner to practice with and review materials with. Exercise can be fun, but that's something I would enjoy more with a second person.