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  1. CalwaOlor

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Hey all of yous! You probably don't remember me at all; I came a year ago, said hi, debated a bit. Went in the chat a few times. You probably think that this old dead forum had little to no impact on me. But, you know, in my short time here I met people who have brought me so much joy in the last year. So I just wanted to say thanks, CTF! You changed my 2017 in a big way. Blessings on all of you who still hang around here. ^-^
  2. CalwaOlor

    MCR And Why They're Considered "Evil"

    I get the thing about emos. I mean, that is what it was. One of the "Emo Trinity". And circle skirts are pretty great, aren't they? They honestly make you feel super classy. Like, just today I was vaccuming the house while wearing my skirt and crinoline, and I was feeling lovely as can be.
  3. CalwaOlor


    I'm back, and you know what that means... debate time! First off, woah there. I think that you need to do some historical research. You seem to believe that our ancestors were somehow more morally correct than us. They were no more "righteous" than people are today. You also mentioned that today we live in a society of tolerance over tradition. You see this as a bad thing? Traditions can grow out-of-date, or lose their meaning, but love and tolerance have always been, and always will be, important. Secondly, our society is not only different in terms of technology and politics. Culture has evolved, new religions have been created, and social structure has most certainly changed. And with this change comes new decisions. Decisions that are maybe even more difficult than those that have been made in the past. Democracy is hard, because you're working for the people. Not just for some people, but for all people. And however you look at it, this change is good. Look at pretty much any aspect of life, and you will find that it is better today than it has been in the past. Because that's what society does, that's what humans do. We try to get better. So what are you suggesting that we do with the LGBTQ community? If we aren't supposed to treat those people with tolerance and respect, what are we supposed to do? Constantly go around telling them that they're sinners, and denying them the right to do what they believe is right? Because let me tell you, people have tried to do that in the past. And it doesn't create a bunch of new believers on fire for God. It creates a bunch of oppressed people who resent their oppressors and everything they stand for. I personally don't believe that the way we live now is a decline from what we used to have. The LGBTQ community used to have to live in fear. Now we give them the chance to feel acceptance and love. Which do you think is more likely to create good relationships and states of mind, that can lead to the Kingdom of God being spread? I don't think that our moral standings have gone down, when compared to our ancestors. Have you ever heard of Fundamentalism/Relativism? In the past, people in general have had very fundamentalist views. Now, people in general have very relativist views. But maybe this is necessary in order to find the middle ground. And that middle ground is exactly where we want to be. That balance of Truth and Love is what the Church needs to find. One last thing. Jesus Christ did not only "tolerate" the sinners. He accepted them as they came, and allowed them to be changed through His love. He would definitely free someone just to have them keep on sinning, because that's what He did for all of us. He forgave us and will keep on forgiving us. He are not saved through right or wrong acts. We are saved by His grace, and do right acts in response to this, as a way of showing our gratitude. Okay, I think that I covered everything I wanted to. I just hope that that made sense. If you have any questions, go ahead.
  4. CalwaOlor

    MCR And Why They're Considered "Evil"

    I've met quite a lot of people who haven't heard of MCR, in my life. Both Christian and non-religious. I'm honestly getting my hair dyed for the first time this weekend (purple). I'm pretty darn excited. And anyway, when has the year ever mattered to me? Next thing you know, you'll be telling me to get rid of my circle skirts and stop listening to Dion. But yeah, in general, I'm most certainly not very emo at all. Well, obviously not everyone shares the same views. I've just heard it in a few different places, hence why I decided to ask here on the forums. Well, thanks for everyone's replies.
  5. So, I figured I'd ask here as this is a question that I've been wondering about ever since I started listening to the band. My Chemical Romance (MCR) have been called "evil" and "satanic", among other things, and have been blamed for the suicides of teenagers. Now, I get that their songs aren't always the most cheery, and some deal with much darker themes, but they've never come across to me as "satanic". I've personally found some of their lyrics to be very inspiring, such as this part from Welcome To The Black Parade: "Do or die, you'll never make me Because the world will never take my heart Go and try, you'll never break me" I won't go into too much detail in this first post, since I don't know if anyone here has even heard about MCR. I'd really like to hear some opinions, though.
  6. CalwaOlor

    What book are you reading now?

    I just finished Slaughterhouse-Five, and am moving on to Freeglader (I realize that it's a step down, literature wise, but oh, the nostalgia).
  7. CalwaOlor

    What book are you reading now?

    I just finished Slaughterhouse-Five, and am moving on to Freeglader (I realize that it's a step down, literature wise, but oh, the nostalgia).
  8. CalwaOlor


    Sorry, maybe I should have made myself clearer. When I said "on the inside", I was referring to their mental/emotional state. People are born with certain distinguishing physical features, to be sure. But someone's mental state doesn't always match their physical state. I think I remember reading in National Geographic that it is biologically possible for someone to be born with a "female" brain, but have a male body (and vice versa), due to various factors taking place during gestation.
  9. CalwaOlor

    Have You Ever

    Nope, I use Boxer. Have you ever read a book, start to finish, in one day?
  10. CalwaOlor

    Now Playing...

    Oh, were you talking to me? If yes, sorry, I didn't see the post until just now. Just email me if you want to talk more about their music.
  11. CalwaOlor

    Fable. good or bad?

    I've never played it myself, but my sister has. She liked it, and from what I've seen of it, it seems pretty fun. I've actually been thinking of trying it myself, sometime. So if someone who's actually played the game has some insights, I'd be interested to hear them.
  12. Thanks for the welcome, T.K. I see what you mean about lack of members, but that's alright. I've got other forums where I can go to for the community side of things. The few people I have met here are all really nice, and I believe that I'm already making a few friends.
  13. CalwaOlor

    Hello, Everyone!

    Oh, yay! I was wondering if anyone would get it.
  14. CalwaOlor

    Your Top 3 All-Time Games

    This question is super hard! I do tend to like certain series better than others in general, but I tried to choose games from 3 different series, for variety's sake. 1. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion 2. Fallout 4 3. Dragon Age: Origins Runners up: Um Jammer Lammy and Crash Team Racing. Both super fantastic games, but lack the same replayability value.
  15. CalwaOlor

    Bethesda Games

    The Elder Scrolls games are mostly just tied by the fact that they all take place in the same world, with the same lore. Some characters are in multiple games, and there are references to the other games if you can catch them. I've played Dragon Age, and it's really good. The combat system is really fun, and I enjoy parts of having a group that plays together. But I absolutely love the open-world aspect of Bethesda games. There's so much that you can do, so many paths you can take. You can disregard the main quest completely and spend all of your time collecting cheese wheels, if that's how you feel.