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  1. OrthodoxWilderness

    Now Playing...

    just looked it up, its awesome! i'm going to bookmark the page. do they have other albums?
  2. OrthodoxWilderness

    Fable. good or bad?

    Hello everyone. i was looking at video games my dad has stored and i came across fable. i think i remember my dad playing it when i was little but i cant really remember does anyone know how good it is?
  3. OrthodoxWilderness

    Have You Ever

    no, haha i like the color black. have you ever hit someone in the head with a splitting maul?
  4. OrthodoxWilderness

    Have You Ever

    yes, im the DM, lol have you ever swam in a northern lake? (cold lake will work too)
  5. OrthodoxWilderness

    Your Top 3 All-Time Games

    1. skyrim 2. halo (series) 3. im not sure about this one... so im going to say the other elder scroll series
  6. OrthodoxWilderness

    Bethesda Games

    i have not played bioware games. what game in particular do you like best?
  7. OrthodoxWilderness

    Bethesda Games

    how do all of the elder scroll series tie together? i never understood that part.
  8. OrthodoxWilderness

    Bethesda Games

    yeah, my dad owns all of the games in the series but i never got around to asking him for permission
  9. OrthodoxWilderness


    but ive been looking at debates and the stuff thats been happening. there is a specific phone number (311) you can call for hatespeach and in a court case the black guy is more likely to win the sympathy of the people, because everyone assumes that racism is everywhere, even though it isnt. i have not heard very many cases of discrimination, in fact i have heard (recently) more anti-white propaganda them anti-black. people on campuss are even tearing down pictures of (for example) shakespeare and replacing them with a gay black poet whos poetry isnt even good. if all of thats happening there it is hard to imagine that any of that stuff still exists.
  10. OrthodoxWilderness


    wow............... nothing like that happened here. i cant believe that was at a christian school. (oh, wait. i guess i can because i have never been to one) but i would still think that in this day and age that kind of actions would have stopped, right? i mean, we have gay pride parades and all sort of other pro LGBT advertisement. i mean, even racism has hit the hay. nowadays you have a better job opportunity if you are a minority then a straight white male. how long ago was this?
  11. OrthodoxWilderness

    Bethesda Games

    bethesda ROCKS!!! im playing skyrim for the, like, 4th time. ironically i have not played any of the other elder scrolls games, but i really want to!!!! ive tried being a mage, archer, rogue, thief, soldier... i guess i played 5 times... it truly is a masterpiece of a game.
  12. OrthodoxWilderness

    Hello, Everyone!

    ive seen like, the first two episodes of tokyo goul and im not sure what to think... the whole "should i eat human flesh or not" moral dilemma kind of seemed off to me, i mean maybe it gets better, but i personally am not a big fan.
  13. OrthodoxWilderness

    Unsettled thinking about eternity

    yeah, but a lot of stuff in the bible is metaphoric, for example saying "streets of gold" could just mean that everyone is so happy that you can pave the streets with happyness. i.e gold. if everyone was happy and content, why would we be having innovations? i mean, you could argue that our society is based off of the fact that people want things, happyness, wealth, a position of power, to be respected and so forth, therefor what is the point of having a "new earth" the bible says that the earth is not perfect, and neither are we, so why have another "earth?" we cant really understand it because we have never known anything but our existence here on earth and therefore see anything that does not contain the simple things of life that we love so much (i.e a relationship, the joy of discovering something new) as something totally boring and dull. what do you think?
  14. OrthodoxWilderness

    believe in god = saved?!?

    yeah, i guess there is no real way to find out, is there? because you could also argue that a sin is a sin weather you know it or not. and therefor the child would be at fault unless he went to confession. right? but on the other hand, if god loves all of his children equally he will probably send some kind of a sign, like all nations know that helping is good and killing is bad, unless it is done under specific circumstances, right? like war or to protect ones honor. so you can assume that he has told all nations at least how they are supposed to live. it really makes you think...