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  1. Your mom is awesome and I echo her sentiments. prayer is definitely one of the best way to build our relationship with God which Satan detest the most.
  2. Supreme Court is Deciding if Transgenders Can Shower With Your Children http://rocketchristian.com/supreme-court-deciding-transgenders-can-shower-children/ Come in and share your thoughts
  3. raycheal90

    Are you OK with ABORTION?

    Got it! Thank you for the clarification
  4. Greetings all... This article shows us the common misconception we have of Satan. Does he really live in Hell? What does the Satan do? Does Satan visit the Heavens? http://rocketchristian.com/heres-1-thing-most-of-us-dont-know-about-satan/ Share with us what are your common misconception you have about the Satan! When I was younger, I thought Satan only comes out at night and devour children.
  5. raycheal90

    Are you OK with ABORTION?

    Agree! every child should be given a chance. God will take care of them as He takes care of everyone like his only precious child don't you think so?
  6. raycheal90

    Are you OK with ABORTION?

    I don't quite understand the first part though. How do you stop it even before the child develops? If we could, then it wouldn't be called abortion anymore. The soul and heart of abortion is to take a fetus life away without even giving it a chance to see the world. I absolutely agree with you that we must align with what is righteous and definitely - righteousness is often out of our comfort zone as we are already soaked in this world full of sin that gives easy way out. Your reply brings more discussion to the table, really good stuff.
  7. raycheal90

    How I found God

    AMAZING AMAZING testimony... Thank you for sharing it, inspire others and be the beacon of light to the world!
  8. raycheal90

    Woman asks for $1 Million to Stop Her Abortion

    This is what the world is becoming... To me, every life is precious and everyone should support pro-life. Human life is different from all other forms of life, as the Bible teaches us that humans are created by God to be like him and God loves us so much that He allowed his only Son, Jesus to come down to be crucified and save us from our sins. I believe the world will come to a change in His glory soon as shown in this news where Vice-President Mike Pence resolute stand on anti-abortion http://rocketchristian.com/vice-president-pences-resolute-stance-on-anti-abortion-will-be-shown-in-the-upcoming-march-for-life-where-he-will-be-addressing-it-in-person/
  9. raycheal90

    Are you OK with ABORTION?

    Is ABORTION really ANTI-Christ? Here's what Vice President MikePence has to say... http://rocketchristian.com/vice-president-pences-resolute-stance-on-anti-abortion-will-be-shown-in-the-upcoming-march-for-life-where-he-will-be-addressing-it-in-person/ Share your thoughts pls and discuss!
  10. raycheal90

    Say something nice.

    Cheers everyone. Hope you all have a great weekend God bless!