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  1. This study explains what it means that the "sky will be rolled up like a scroll". The study can be found in English here http://www.wisdomofgod.co/2017/04/25/the-meaning-of-the-heavens-will-be-rolled-up-like-a-scroll/ or in Spanish here http://www.sabiduriadedios.co/2017/04/25/el-significado-de-los-cielos-seran-enrollados-como-un-pergamino/ . Let us begin a discussion on these matters.
  2. The latest version of this study can be found here http://www.wisdomofgod.co/2017/03/07/repentance-and-sin-no-more-perfection-and-born-of-the-spirit/ .
  3. The latest version of this study can be found here http://www.wisdomofgod.co/2017/03/08/baptism-of-water-for-babies-and-children/ .
  4. The latest version of this study can be found here http://www.wisdomofgod.co/2017/03/14/the-second-coming-the-trumpet-blasts-the-bowls-of-wrath-and-inheriting-the-earth/ .
  5. The latest version of this study can be found here http://www.wisdomofgod.co/2017/03/17/the-tzniut-wives-and-head-coverings/ .
  6. The women that must cover their heads, Are wives, for the head covering, otherwise called the tzniut, is a sign that she has authority over her own head, meaning she is married, And in being married, she has come under the submission of a husband, Which is why when she prays or prophesies with her head uncovered, She is dishonoring the head over her, meaning her husband, As such, when Rebekah first saw her betrothed Isaac, she veiled herself, As a sign that she has now come under his authority as his new wife, The head covering is not just intended to cover the hair only, for even the long hair of a woman is itself called a natural covering, But rather, the head covering is intended to cover the entire head, hair and face, which is even why when Tamar veiled herself, Her face was also entirely covered, to where Judah did not know who she was and mistook her for a prostitute, And even when a wife, who is under the authority of a husband, is suspected of adultery, The Law of Moses instructs the priest the loosen's the wife's hair, Because her hair is also covered by her head covering. As such, this is a mandatory tradition that is not only revealed by the Law of Moses, but it is also mandated by the apostles,
  7. Jesus Christ is he who opens the seven seals of Revelation, He began to open the seals after his resurrection and ascension to heaven, because that is the time he became exalted to sit at the right hand of God, And so, each seal up to this portion of the sixth seal of Revelation, Have already been opened and fulfilled, in which case the great earthquake occurred in 1755 in Lisbon, Portugal. Then the sun turned black and the moon turned red as blood in 1780 as witnessed over New England, which coincides with this other prophecy, Then the stars fell to earth in 1833 as the great meteor shower witnessed in North America, which coincides with these other prophecies, And so, this remaining portion of the sixth seal remains to be fulfilled, Which coincides with these other prophecies, And on whichever day this portion of the sixth seal happens, which is when the "heavens are rolled up like a scroll", or the "heavens will disappear with a roaring sound", or the "heavens are bowed" is when Jesus Christ will descend, Hence why men will hide in the caves of the earth, to try to hide from Jesus Christ when he descends on the earth at his second coming, which is also the "Day of the Lord", And then the seventh and final seal will be opened shortly thereafter, which are the seven trumpets of Revelation, And so, just as the spring Jewish festivals coincide with the first coming of Jesus Christ and the actual dates of the events they each symbolize, such as Jesus Christ dying on the Passover, Jesus Christ being resurrected on the Festival of First Fruits, and Jesus Christ sending the holy spirit on the Festival of Weeks (Pentecost), so do the Jewish autumn festivals coincide with the second coming of Jesus Christ and the actual dates of the events they each symbolize. As such, the Festival of Trumpets, Coincide with the seven trumpets of Revelation, and the first trumpet will be sounded within the dates of the Festival of Trumpets, Which happens shortly after his second coming, since his coming is also associated with the sound of trumpets, And the first trumpet coincides with these prophecies, Then the second trumpet will be sounded, Followed by the third trumpet, Which coincides with these prophecies, Then the fourth trumpet will be sounded, Which coincides with these prophecies, And the final three trumpets are woes, because they are worse than the preceding trumpets, The fifth trumpet is then sounded, which is the first woe, In which case, the Abyss is an actual place, hence why the demons that spoke to Jesus Christ begged him to not have them thrown there, The locusts that are in the Abyss symbolize fallen angels that are specifically bound in the Abyss, hence why they are described as, Because angels resemble the appearance of men, And the crowns of gold symbolize the authority angels have, inclusive of fallen angels, And the angels released from the Abyss are the angels mentioned in this passage, And also here, And even though they are bound awaiting judgment, they will be released for a short period of five months and permitted to torment men, And men will try to seek death, but will not be able to die, Then the sixth trumpet is sounded, which is the second woe, And four angels that are bound in another location, at the Euphrates river, will be released to command an army of "myriads of myriads" of more fallen angels, since aside from the angels that were bound in the Abyss and released, there exists more fallen angels that are not bound, Since a third of all angels are fallen, And aside from the bound angels there were released to torment men, these fallen angels kill a third of mankind, which coincides with this other prophecy, Which also relates with the last plague against Egypt, for all the firstborn were killed by fallen angels, And then the seventh trumpet is sounded, which is the final woe, In which case, Jesus Christ will begin to rule on the earth, which is a rulership that will last for a thousand years, And he will rule with a rod of iron. He will begin his rulership by destroying the nations with a series of plagues that come after the trumpet blasts, Upon which, on the tenth day after the Festival of Trumpets is the Day of Atonement, Where one more trumpet will be sounded, Which is the last trumpet spoken of by Paul, where the dead will be resurrected into new bodies, and those who were still alive will be changed into new bodies, Since whoever belongs to Jesus Christ and was alive up until this point in time will not be hurt by any of the trumpets, hence, And all the elect will be gathered by angels, and taken to meet the Lord in the air, And this is the time that the great harvest begins, where the elect are the first to be reaped by angels, Which coincides with these prophecies, And all the elect who are gathered, whether Jew or Gentile, who came to the belief of Jesus Christ, will all be called Israel, Which will be the restoration of the kingdom to Israel, Whose exact number of chosen is revealed as 144,000 people, And then a second reaping by angels occurs, Which corresponds with these prophecies, In which case, the grapes symbolize the people of Israel who never came to the belief of Jesus Christ, And they will be snatched by angels and thrown outside Jerusalem to be trampled, and much blood will flow from them being slaughtered, Then at the fifteenth day is the Festival of Booths, Which will be fulfilled when Jesus Christ and the elect begin to live in an encampment that will exist in Israel, hence why towards the end of the thousand year rulership of Jesus Christ and the elect, the nations will come against this encampment and against Jerusalem, Then around this time each of the elect will then begin to receive reward, and also receive different measures of authority to rule all around the world, which relate to these passages, Then the last seven plagues will be poured on the world against the nations, And before these plagues are poured, the elect who were already gathered by angels will sing a song, And then the first bowl of wrath will be poured, Then the second bowl of wrath is poured, Followed by the third bowl of wrath, Followed by the fourth bowl of wrath, Followed by the fifth bowl of wrath, Which coincides with these prophecies, Followed by the sixth bowl of wrath, Which coincides with this prophecy, And after the armies of the world have been gathered in the place called Armageddon, then the seventh and final bowl will be poured, Which will result in the collapse and destruction of every city in the world, which coincides with these other prophecies, Then begins the time of another reaping by angels, where the wicked all over the world will be gathered, And taken to Israel to be judged by the elect, Which relates to this prophecy, For a beast in prophecy symbolizes a kingdom, hence why this beast in the book of Daniel was said to symbolize a kingdom, As such, the interpretation of the first beast and the second beast, also called the false prophet, being thrown into the fire is that all the people that correspond to these kingdoms will be thrown into the fire, which relates to this prophecy, And anyone thrown into this fire will die a painful death and be permanently destroyed, body and soul, Which is why according to Isaiah there will be dead bodies that will be seen there, which is the same place Jesus Christ spoke of as the place where "worms do not die nor is the fire quenched", In which case, this will place will not be an ordinary fire, but a lava lake, hence, Which explains how this fire will not be quenched, because a steady lava flow does not quench, and also explains how worms will not die, because lava has a high viscosity that will cause dead bodies to float on the surface, where thus worms will feed on those bodies without dying. This fire will continue to burn for a thousand years, hence why smoke will continually rise, until the time of the eons of the eons, And the time of the eons of the eons commences with the creation of the new heaven and new earth, And the last to be thrown into this fire will be those who are resurrected at the conclusion of the thousand year rulership, and are not found in the book of life, Which includes all the dead from Adam to all who were still mortal and died during the millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ, And all who are thrown into the fire, who had already died once and were thus resurrected, will die a second and final death, Yet all who were resurrected in the final resurrection whose names were found in the book of life will be the ones to receive healing by the tree of life in the new heaven and new earth, As such, because of all of the terrible events that begin at the second coming of Jesus Christ is why it is said here, Because the wicked will have no rest any day or night during the time that these events events unfold, leading up to their final destruction by fire, And whoever survives these events and lives into the time of the rulership of Jesus Christ on the earth are identified as, For the earth will be full of the knowledge of God, and righteousness will abound, and there will be peace on the earth, And these few survivors, who still remain mortal, Are the ones the elect, who have become immortal, Will rule over. And during the thousand year rulership of Jesus Christ, will multiply exceedingly,
  8. No, I am not a catholic and I preach against the catholic church, [STAFF EDIT] . However, although they are incorrect about many things, they are indeed correct about the baptism of children. This was an original practice of the early assemblies, hence the scriptures I quoted evidencing this. And from a theological perspective, it is also correct, for it is God who chooses who he will save, so the lack of a choice of a child to choose to baptize is unnecessary, since it is God who already chose first anyways.
  9. We are all conceived in sin, Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me. (Psalm 51:5 [ESV]) So sin has already been imputed even before birth. So yes, children must also be baptized, for they also have the sinful nature we were all conceived into.
  10. Because the salvation of God is granted by the choice of God, And not by the choice of men, Which is even why John the Baptist received the holy spirit while he was yet still in the womb, before he could even know how to choose good or evil, And the promise of the holy spirit was also given to children in the times of the apostles, In which case, even the kingdom of God is said to belong to children, And even in relation when the sea was parted by Moses, as a type of baptism of water that all the Israelites passed through, Which included children, And that the baptism of water was not to be withheld even unto the Gentiles, who also began to receive the holy spirit, yet were once previously alienated from Israel and strangers to the covenants of promise, Water baptism must also not be withheld from babies and children either, for salvation extends not only to one man, but also the children in his house,
  11. To repent, Means to stop sinning, hence, Which means to stop committing the actions that the Law of Moses reveals as sin, Which relates to why Abram was told to walk blameless before he received the sign of old covenant, Which was the circumcision of the flesh, Because just as with Abram, before the sign of the new covenant is received, it is necessary to walk blameless, which also means to "stop sinning", or "repent", to then receive the circumcision of the heart, In which case, the circumcision of the heart happens instantly by the baptism of the holy spirit, hence, Because as an example where Saul was instantly changed into another man when the holy spirit entered inside him, Not only does the baptism of the holy spirit change a man instantly, but he also removes the "foreskin of the heart", Which is a fulfillment of this prophecy in Ezekiel, Because as opposed to the old covenant, which was based on the blood of animals, which were never able to perfect a man, The new covenant, which is based on the blood of Jesus Christ, perfects a man, Which is why Jesus Christ said, "be perfect", In which case, the "foreskin of the heart", which is also called the "heart of stone" referenced in Ezekiel, is the "flesh nature" Paul describes as, Which is a heart that has evil desires, Which is the cause of sin, since this "flesh nature" is what all are sold into from conception, Which is why all have sinned, since all have been conceived into this nature, Yet when the holy spirit enters inside the body, which is called the "baptism of the holy spirit", Or being "born of spirit", Or being "born from above", Or being "born of God", or being "born again", which are all phrases that mean receiving the holy spirit, he removes this "flesh nature", which is the foreskin of the heart, in which case a man then becomes freed from sin, since all evil desires have been removed, In which case, the holy spirit given previously in the times of the old covenant did not free from sin, hence why he is now called a "new spirit" in Ezekiel, because a man then stops walking in the flesh nature he was conceived in, and begins walking in the spirit he just received, freed from sin, Which as opposed to a man trying to obey the Law of Moses himself, which all have already broken and are cursed by, And that he himself cannot subject himself to since he still has an uncircumcised heart having evil desires, The holy spirit that a man receives then "causes" him to obey the Law of Moses, Which is the righteousness received from God, And also the sanctification of the holy spirit, And it then becomes impossible to ever sin again, hence, Which is all a fulfillment of this prophecy in Daniel, Because the purpose of the first coming of Jesus Christ was not only to atone for sin, but also to end it, As such, whoever still sins has not truly received the holy spirit, In which case, whoever receives the holy spirit is not only freed from sin, but a manifestation of power always happens whenever he enters the body,
  12. Then don't believe, Let the one who does wrong continue to do wrong; let the vile person continue to be vile; let the one who does right continue to do right; and let the holy person continue to be holy." (Revelation 22:11 [NIV])
  13. The scriptures state that it is sin to remarry, hence, He answered, "Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her. And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery." (Mark 10:11 [NIV])
  14. I hardly think that anyone who is quick to discard a teaching on the basis of using just using different translations even cares or wants to find legitimacy in the teaching.
  15. Since the Law of Moses has not been abolished, Nor can any commands of the Law of Moses be disobeyed, Certain commands have been identified as shadow commands, which are foods, festivals, new moons, sabbaths, circumcision, In which case, these commands are not observed any longer in the literal manner they were commanded by the Law of Moses, but rather, are fulfilled by the realities each command foreshadowed. However, any other command that is not identified as a shadow by Jesus Christ or the apostles, must still be obeyed in the literal manner given by the Law of Moses, such as, In which case, in relation when Paul commands wives to wear head coverings, Which was a reference to this passage in the Law of Moses, Since the veil, or head covering, is a sign of submission of a wife to her husband, which must still be observed in the assemblies, the command to wear the tallit with tzitzit must also be obeyed literally as the command was given, In which case, the tallit is a four cornered garment, and the tzitzit are fringes, or tassels, with a blue cord on each tassel. This was the same holy garment Jesus Christ wore, That must also be worn by the people of God, which are teachings passed down to us, which were first revealed by the Law of Moses,