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  1. How do you not? The many scriptures that support this teaching are compelling. Instead of being offended, do what the scriptures teach.
  2. During the time of the apostles, the assemblies sold all their possessions and properties, Which coincides with these passages, Because selling all possessions and properties is an act of humility, which relates to how the Ninevites fasted and put on sackcloth, as acts of humility, Because in addition to repentance, which means to stop sinning, Humility is the way to seek the mercy and favor of God, hence, This is why Jesus Christ said this, Because although there are various acts of humility that have and could be done to seek the mercy and favor of God, such as fasting, putting on sackcloth, or even sitting on ashes, selling everything is the ultimate act of humility that Jesus Christ has required of all who wish to be his disciple, hence, Which is also why he described the kingdom of heaven using this parable, And why he also said this, And also why he said, And also why it is said here, And even why the women of the assemblies were told to not wear jewelry nor wear expensive clothing, Because as opposed to selling everything as the way to become humble, the way of self exaltation is having an abundance of possessions. This is also why the great false Roman catholic church and her daughter churches and denominations that were birthed by her are all figuratively called prostitutes in Revelation, Because it relates to all these false churches selling themselves to the world to have wealth and authority. And so, at an appointed time, these sayings will become fulfilled, In which case, this appointed time begins at the second coming of Jesus Christ, that he will exalt those who humbled themselves, and humble those who exalted themselves, Because in a similar manner that even the Israelites were first humbled in the wilderness for forty years before taking possession of the promised land, God has appointed the time before the second coming of Jesus Christ as a time to be humble, to then receive exaltation when he returns, Which is even why those who are dead will rise from their graves at his coming, To receive the exaltation, first by received new bodies that are immortal and glorified that radiate light, And also by receiving authority to rule over nations on the earth, For as opposed to the Israelites who inherited a small plot of land, those who belong to Jesus Christ at his coming will inherit the entire earth, hence, And as rulers of the entire earth, will also receive authority to judge the world, hence, This is also why, before Jesus Christ was glorified and given authority to rule over heaven and earth, H first came in the form of a servant, To demonstrate the humility that all who follow him must first be, before receiving the exaltation of glorification and authority that he later received, after first being humble. This is also why it is said that God has chosen the lowly things of the world, And that not many who were chosen were first wealthy, Because God has chosen those who are humble to confound and bring to nothing those who are high and lofty, This is also why those who follow Jesus Christ are called sojourners, Because a sojourner only has and takes what he needs until he reaches his destination, in which case, after selling all properties, those of the assemblies either went city to city to preach the gospel, Or lived in temporary dwellings, which is why even Paul rented a house for a time, And assembled in these temporary houses to break bread and commune, And were not worried about having the basic needs of food, water, and clothes, Because in all selling their possessions and properties, they all then abounded in money to then give freely as each had need, which is why none of them lacked in anything, Since God will always provide for the needs of his people. This is why there is also a Proverb that reads,
  3. Tell me, are these commands in the Torah still in force or not? "You shall not murder. (Exodus 20:13 [NIV]) You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. (Leviticus 18:22 [ESV])
  4. The Torah is also a shadow, so whilest there are laws that must be obeyed literally, such as "do not murder", there are also laws that are obeyed by fulfilling the realities they foreshadowed, such as the laws of the festivals, Sabbaths, foods, and even also sacrifices. These laws are identified as "shadows" by Paul, The law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming--not the realities themselves. For this reason it can never, by the same sacrifices repeated endlessly year after year, make perfect those who draw near to worship. (Hebrews 10:1 [NIV]) Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ. (Colossians 2:16-17 [NIV])
  5. The Law of Moses, which is the first five books of the Bible, otherwise called the Torah, or the law, has not been abolished, For even when Paul identifies who will not inherit the kingdom of God, He is referring to these specific commands of the law, And even drunkenness is revealed to be sin in the law, in which case Lot, whose mind became darkened and unaware because of drinking wine in excess, then also had sexual relations with his daughters as a result of his drunkenness, And even when Paul commands wives to wear head coverings, He was referencing this passage in the law, In which case, a head covering is a sign of submission of a wife to her husband, for the law also subjected wives to their husbands, Hence why Paul also tells wives to submit to their husbands in reference to the law, And so, in another passage, Paul also referenced the law concerning speaking evil against authorities, And Jesus Christ also referenced the law concerning each sin Satan tested him with, And so, this is why whoever discards the least of these commands of the law, will be called least in the kingdom of the heavens, Because this very law, that has not been abolished, and reveals everything that is sin, And is said to be perfect, And came from heaven, Will be the law that all will be judged by, since all the dead who are resurrected at the great white throne judgment, will all be judged by works in accordance to this law, Which is why not one letter, nor one stroke of a pen, will disappear from the law until heaven and earth disappear, Because this is the law of this heaven and earth, before the new heaven and earth comes into existence, in which case not only will this law disappear, but also the old heaven, the old earth, and the old covenant, Yet the old covenant, whose sign was the circumcision of the flesh, And came with the blood of animals, Foreshadowed a new and greater covenant, whose sign is the circumcision of the heart, Which is a circumcision made without hands by being born again into the baptism of the holy spirit, And came with the blood of Jesus Christ, Which is why it is not by works of the law that anyone is saved, Because all have sinned, And have thus become cursed by the law, But it is by receiving the holy spirit, which comes through belief in Jesus Christ, that any are saved, In which case, whoever receives the holy spirit, is then no longer under law, but under spirit, For just as the holy spirit caused Saul to become another man and to prophesy, And also caused others to prophesy upon receiving the holy spirit, So does the new holy spirit of the new covenant, that was first given to the apostles, causes a man to not only prophesy as the spirit given to prophets of old did, but also to obey the law, Because the heart of stone, which the holy spirit removes, is the heart with evil desires that are also the cause of sin, which is why whoever walks by holy spirit no longer walks by flesh, Because this flesh nature, which is also the heart of stone, is the foreskin of the heart that the circumcision made by the spirit removes, which then frees from sin, And so, as opposed to doing works of the law, which no one can or has obeyed on their own, full obedience to the law is found in mere belief in Jesus Christ and rebirth in holy spirit, hence why whoever becomes born of God by receiving the holy spirit can no longer sin, Because whoever becomes sanctified by receiving the holy spirit, which comes through belief in Jesus Christ, becomes perfected, And upholds the law by the obedience that the spirit causes,
  6. There remains a future rest for the people of God to enter in, Which is also mentioned in Hebrews, And also mentioned here, In which case this future Sabbath-rest that remains to be entered into is related to the seventh day Sabbath, And as such, the relation between the seventh day Sabbath and this future Sabbath that still remains to be entered into is that just as there is a Sabbath rest on the seventh day from the beginning, so will there be a Sabbath rest on the seventh thousand year from the beginning. Each day of the first week foreshadowed a thousand years appointed to come, Adding up to a total of seven thousand years determined for this heaven and earth to exist, and just as the last day of the week is a Sabbath rest in which God rested from his work, so will the last thousand years be a Sabbath rest where the people of God will rest from their works, And even the people of God who are among the dead will also be resurrected to enter into this rest, Which includes Daniel, And even Abraham, As all who died and partake in the first resurrection, beginning from Abraham to all who died for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ, will be raised to enter into this rest of a thousand years, This is why although a strict observation of the seventh day Sabbath is a requirement of the Law of Moses, It is not a sin to not observe this seventh day Sabbath in this strict manner for those who walk by belief, Because the true fulfillment of the seventh day Sabbath is at the seventh thousand year Sabbath, in which case those who walk by belief will rest and fulfill the true Sabbath when it comes. And after this millennial rest is over, this heaven and earth will vanish and become non-existent, In which case then a new heaven and earth will come forth into existence, And just as God appointed times for this heaven and earth, so will he appoint times in the next heaven and earth, which are the "ages of the ages", And those who come to live in that heaven and earth will live into the ages of the ages that God appoints and will never die, as death will be a former thing,
  7. Jesus Christ said, This birth in spirit is related to, To be born of God is to be born in spirit, and thus anyone receiving the spirit of God fulfills this prophecy, And thus whoever receives the spirit cannot sin, because he is caused to walk in the statutes and ordinances of God by the spirit of God. The removal of the heart of stone is the removal of evil desires, as the heart is where the desires are, otherwise called the "fleshly" nature within, which is the cause of sin, and a new heart is given with godly desires. This is why Paul stated that he was freed from sin and no longer walked in flesh, The fleshly nature that he no longer walked in was what he previously described as, And thus in receiving the spirit he became free of this evil nature, and he then began walking in the spirit, as no one that does not receive the spirit can walk in spirit, nor does he belong to Jesus Christ, nor is he able to stop sinning on his own. Jesus Christ not only came to atone for sin, but also bring an end to sin, by offering up his own blood, As he is the only sacrifice that is able to cause a man to stop sinning as the blood of animals were not, And all this coincides with why Jesus Christ said, "be perfect" and "sin no more", And also coincides with what Jesus Christ said here, You can only be set free from sin and become perfected if you are born in the spirit, and thus receive its sanctification to never sin again, and able to walk blameless before God, Receiving the holy spirit comes with a sign of having received him, usually speaking in different languages not known to the believer or prophesying, Notice how Saul was "turned into another man" when the spirit of the Lord entered him. This was a type of the baptism of the holy spirit that was later given at Pentecost, which was the "new spirit" spoken of in Ezekiel, which would not only cause whoever receives him to be "turned into another man", but also "perfected", which is what made this "new spirit" distinct from the spirit that was given to prophets before the offering up of Jesus Christ. The holy spirit is not just a metaphor that many people foolishly mistaken him for, but he is a literal spirit that enters the body and causes sanctification. Just as there are unclean spirits that can enter the body and possess the body to cause evil, so there is holy spirit that enters the body and brings forth sanctification, comfort, guidance from within, and even power, This holy spirit that is given to the elect is of the same kind of holy spirit that guided the Israelites, who was an angel of God, And as such, each believer that is baptized in the holy spirit receives a distinct spirit that is holy, hence why this passage states that each spirit within a prophet is subject to the control of the prophet, And just as the holy spirit that guided the Israelites did not forgive sins, So does the holy spirit that is given to the elect does not forgive sins either, Ananias lied to the holy spirit within Peter, and because of this the holy spirit took his life. And even if it were possible for a man of God having the holy spirit to sin, just as Ananias was destroyed because of his sin against the holy spirit, so would that man of God also be destroyed who houses the holy spirit, This is why in Hebrews it is also stated, that even if it were possible for a man to fall away who had been baptized in the holy spirit, it would be impossible for him to ever be granted repentance, If you still find yourself sinning, then you truly have not received the holy spirit. God wants his people to walk blameless before him, and even before the new spirit was given by God to man, he required Abraham, the father of the faith, to walk blameless before him before he received the sign of the new covenant, which was circumcision of the flesh, So if walking blameless before God was necessary in the old covenant, how much more is it necessary to walk blameless in the new and greater covenant having the perfection that the old covenant foreshadowed? Do not be deceived into thinking that you can still continually sin and somehow God will always grant forgiveness, as even in Hebrews we have this warning, And indeed all have sinned, past tense, which is why it is said, This is why we must repent, which means to stop sinning, present and future tense, Meaning that we must stop sinning today and onwards, not stop sinning today and then sin again tomorrow, otherwise you make your "repentance and remorsefulness" of no avail, since you did not truly stop committing sins. Of what avail is the remorsefulness of a thief if he does not stop stealing? Of what avail is the remorsefulness of an adulteress if she does not stop committing adultery? One must completely stop sinning and once you fully repent, then can you be forgiven of all past sins and cleansed from all iniquity. And once you stop sinning by repenting, then can you seek to be baptized in the holy spirit, which will free you from sin. It is only possible to be freed from sin by the spirit that comes from God.
  8. Please read these posts first before reading this one, The second beast of Revelation brings forth the mark of the beast, A beast in prophecy symbolizes a kingdom, which is why this beast in the book of Daniel was said to symbolize a kingdom, As such, the second beast of Revelation symbolizes the United States. And so, as opposed to the first beast rising from the sea, which symbolizes many peoples and languages, The United States rose from a sparse population, which is symbolized by the second beast rising from the earth, and was thus colonized in a new world by European kingdoms descending from the first beast. And so, the mark of the beast issued by the second beast, has two distinct forms, which are the "name of the beast" or the "number of the name", As such, since the name that is received on the foreheads of the 144,000 chosen, Symbolizes the holy spirit, Therefore, the mark of the beast is also symbolic. And because having the mark of the beast bears the penalty of the judgment of the lake of fire, The mark of the beast therefore also symbolizes an actual sin, which specifically breaks a command given by God elsewhere in scripture. And just are there are two distinct forms of the mark, there are also two distinct places to receive the mark, which are on the right hand or on the forehead, In which case, the forehead symbolizes ownership of the person, hence why those who are sealed on the forehead with the name of God belong to God. As such, since the forehead is where the chosen receive the name of God, in likewise manner, the forehead is where the "name of the beast" is also received. In which case, above all the systems in the United States, only one is forced on everyone, great and small, rich and poor, child and adult, And it is the social security insurance system, which is what the "name of the beast" symbolizes. In which case, the government takes ownership of the person by branding them with a social security number, who then becomes forced to pay into this system for the rest of their life, unless they live long enough to reach a certain old age. This system is based on an abomination, Which is the abomination of usury, which is an unjust gain of money that is not earned as a hired laborer, Nor money earned by renting a property or possession, Nor money earned by selling a property or possession, But is money that is unjustly gained from various forms of usury, such as gambling, lotteries, stocks, insurances, pensions, annuities, all of which are based on evil schemes for the greedy to take money, to then have a profit of money predicated on chance and time. And so, just as the name of the beast is able to allow men to buy or sell, So is social security able to indirectly allow men to buy or sell through the use of the social security number, for transactions such as mortgages to buy or sell properties, auto loans to buy or sell cars, and credit cards to buy or sell possessions. And so, as opposed to the "name of the beast" that is received on the forehead, the "number of the name" is received on the right hand, in which case the right hand is a symbol for authority, hence the authority Jesus Christ received sitting at the right hand of God, In which case, the "number of the name" is also related to a man whose number is 666, As such, since all symbols in Revelation are derived from other passages in scripture, the symbol of 666 is related to this scripture, As such, the man whom 666 is referring to is Solomon, in which case Solomon, who was the wealthiest man on earth, Symbolizes the United States, which is also the wealthiest nation on earth, because just as 666 relates to the gold that Solomon received, so does 666 relate to the gold that the United States has stockpiled in what is now known as the federal reserve system, in which case, the United States is the nation with the highest gold reserves in the world. As such, the "number of the name" symbolizes the federal reserve and central banking system, which grants customers the authority to buy and sell through its system, using account numbers, checks, and debit cards. This banking system is not only forbidden in scripture because it makes profits from interest, but is also an abomination, These two forms of the mark of the beast do not just exist in the United States, but all around the world, as most nations have implemented their own social security and central banking systems as well. This is the image of the beast that the second beast tells the inhabitants of the world to make, Which are forms of governments that not only image the republic form of government that the Romans first were, and that the United States now is, but that also image these evil financial systems that exist in the United States. As such, the mark of the beast is already all over the world. And so, in comparison to the seal of the holy spirit that the chosen receive, which cannot be lost, hence why it is called a seal, The mark of the beast, which is not a seal, can indeed be removed, but only by repentance, which means terminating your social security number and also closing your bank accounts, for no one bearing the mark of the beast can receive the seal of God. This is one reason why many among those who believe in Jesus Christ have not received the seal of the holy spirit, because the love of money has caused them to enter these great evils that exist today,
  9. The Law of Moses forbids lending at interest in any form, In which case, a common form of lending is money lent at interest, and although it was prohibited for the Israelites to do so to each other as brothers, it was permitted for them to do so to foreigners, Because God intended the Israelites to rule over nations, and also be above them, Yet they were not permitted to borrow from the nations, because as a people that were freed from slavery from Egypt, They could not then become enslaved by borrowing from nations, since a borrower is a slave to his lender, Which is why Paul says this concerning borrowing, Because just as the Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt, so have the elect been freed from the slavery of sin, And in a related manner that the elect are not to file civil suit with the ungodly to settle matters among each other, nor be unequally yoked with unbelievers, And just as the Israelites were prohibited from borrowing from the nations, so are the elect also prohibited from borrowing from unbelievers and the ungodly, and should thus, owe no man anything. Yet just as the poor or fellow Israelites could borrow from the Israelites without interest, as opposed to borrowing from the nations, So in likewise manner can the elect who are in need also borrow from other fellow believers in the assemblies of God, And whoever lends to him must not only lend without interest, But also in accordance with the new covenant of Jesus Christ, lend to him without expecting anything in return, Which exceeds the requirement of the Law of Moses to release debts on every seventh year, And as such, all the needs of all the assemblies of God will be met, and the elect will be indebted to no one. And in doing thus, will the love of the elect for each other be seen by all people, And not only must the elect give freely to those in need in the assemblies of God, but also to anyone else who is poor and in need, and even to unbelievers, And as such, in freely giving to all, the elect demonstrate the mercy of God in how God freely gives to both the righteous and the unrighteous, Which is the way of those who live in the new covenant of Jesus Christ, who give freely and fulfill the law by not only loving God, but also in loving others as yourself, And as such, just as Jesus Christ brought forth a new way, where certain commands given to the Israelites were done away with in his new covenant, So in likewise manner has the permissibility of the Israelites to lend to foreigners at interest has also been done away with, since the new way brought forth by Jesus Christ is to lend without expectation of repayment. And as such, whoever lends at interest to anyone commits an abomination, And not only him who gives at interest, but also he who takes money at usury commits an abomination, as unlike lending at interest, usury is an unjust gain of money that is not earned as a hired laborer, Nor money earned by renting a property or possession, Nor money earned by selling a property or possession, But is money that is unjustly gained from various forms of usury, such as gambling, lotteries, stocks, insurances, pensions, annuities, all of which are evil financial instruments for the greedy to take money to then have a profit of money predicated on chance and time. And as such, whoever pays money into any of these forms of usury commits an abomination just as he who receives money from any of these forms of usury.
  10. Scriptures please. I only deal in exact scriptures, not rhetoric. As you can see, even in my studies, most of what I write is just plain ol' quoting scripture.
  11. No, that would be ignoring 3 other kingdoms mentioned in the Book of Daniel that were not the Romans (the 4 beasts of Daniel), that each correlate with one part of the first beast of Revelation, upon which the 4th beast of Daniel having 10 horns correlate with the 10 horns of the first beast of Revelation. You're ignoring too much of history and other visions, it is not just Rome, although Rome is indeed central to many prophecies.
  12. You are the one opposing the study, then refute it specifically.
  13. Which is explained in this other post
  14. Then by all means, refute it with scriptures mr. staff member.
  15. Apparently you didn't read the part leading up to Rome and the papacy.