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  1. Lovinghim

    Pray for my future

  2. Lovinghim

    Mental Health

  3. Lovinghim

    Please pray for my mental health.

    Done:) god bless you
  4. Lovinghim

    Please Pray for My Mom

    Ok,done:) god bless you.
  5. Lovinghim

    please pray

    Hi could you please pray for my journey with the lord and the health and well being of my mom.
  6. Lovinghim

    I wish this could end

    Wow ,i can understand what your going through,and teachers in the school system, or the system it self are not very supportive of people stepping out of traditional schooling so this alone makes them hostile towards you,i think its because its a threat to regular teaching when people take their own routes. But more and more people are ,theres even a decline in on campus enrollment, instead there choosing online schooling. Anyways im praying for you, keep going and remember youve got this awesome helper,GOD ,who is for you when others are against you. Hope the best for you.:)
  7. Lovinghim

    Decisions to make!

    No problem glad I could:)
  8. Lovinghim

    Decisions to make!

    "Commit thy way unto the lord trust also in him and he shall bring it to pass",psalm37:5 I Hope for the best with your college journey !:)
  9. Lovinghim

    Don't Know What To Do

    Hey,i would go in and speak to the colleges academic counselor (ones that discuss your academic Path and what not) will be able to tell you all this,answer questions. Hope this helps
  10. Lovinghim

    Dear Young Adult, No One Has It Together.

    Amen,this was great
  11. Lovinghim

    I'm new and I need help

    Welcome !
  12. Lovinghim

    New here

    Thank you
  13. Lovinghim

    Your friends

    Haha,good point ,I like to think we're works in progress.