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  1. Hey guys! My name is NoobDad from NoobDadGaming. I'm 36 year old Christian Computer Engineer. My family and I have put together an awesome HIGHLY COMPETITIVE RPG-BASED SKY ISLAND FACTION Minecraft server. You start out as an angel who witnesses the Fall and then you must choose between staying with Jesus or joining Lucifer. The angel spawn has been METICULOUSLY built to New Jerusalem as is mentioned in Revelation 21. We have SPECIAL UPGRADE-ABLE items from biblical lore like Death's scythe and Samson's Jawbone. Eventually I want to create historically accurate biblical campaigns based on the book of Daniel, Revelation, and the Gospel. We're still in Beta mode, but we've got a small group of gamers grinding and fighting it out! As an angel or a demon, you must build a base, and then go out into the town where you fight over the souls of people. You can fight in the city or if you're lucky you can build a portal that will send you to Hell or Heaven where you can battle your opponent on their turf! It's cool because angels can't attack other angels. They're all allies. Demons, however, are free to attack and backstab each other. It's a wonderful social experiment and you can really start to see a tension between the demons and angels. Come join us! The server IP is: play.revmc.net