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  1. I start to think that jews knew that Jesus was the Messiah but they crucified Him despite all..
  2. Do you know if exist communities for teen christian? I mean, there are communities for homeless and fa***ts and don't exist for them? Strange..
  3. There is a lot of leftism in it.
  4. Monster/Messiah


  5. Monster/Messiah


    That statue in Oklahoma.... The end is near..
  6. I mean, it's an awesome forum, okay, but ... even in this forum there are "outside", so I want to know if exist other forum with just teen christian
  7. Do you know that even don't fight "extreme liberal system" could bring you in the hell? Fight the enemy. Nope guys, don't say "Love your enemy" First of all, love doesn't exist, it's just an excuse created by sjw. If in this world everything is wrong, if you find a guilty, look at the glass, 'cause(especially teen christian) don't do NOthing agaist all the enemies.
  8. Monster/Messiah

    I-ve a question

    Just Intellectual honesty at this point... The people left these subjects to be really famous.
  9. Monster/Messiah

    I-ve a question

    And you know why? 'cause american people left her to be an hollywood people.
  10. Why a lot of american people saying that ted cruz is creepy? (Yes, I know that someone says that he is zodiac)