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  1. I'm in high school and recently I've honestly been feeling that I should leave my friend group. I've had this feeling for several months now that God wants me to leave, that he has better things for me. But I just don't ever act upon it, I've been praying for so long about this because whenever I'm around them, I honestly feel tired and weak and just all around not good . Additionally, about a month ago, I realized that while I was Christian, I was not living my life as God would want me to. My friends are not Christian at all and often say some things that are not very in line with my morals. I am so desperate to leave them but I'm so afraid of hurting them, and I'm very shy and scared of not being able to make any other friends, I really need advice. I so wish I could leave! But how can I possibly do so without hurting them? I know God is more important than anything and anyone on this planet but I just feel so lost and afraid. Please help!