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  1. Fox545, Thank you so much. I will definitely use the material and advice you gave me, It seems great. I promise that I will use it to save lives. Again, thanks a lot. God bless. P.S. Paraskeve, how am I orthodox? I'm mainstream(evangelical).
  2. At my high school, especially my magnet classes, students have turned away from God and the Word! In my group of friends there is only like a couple of Christians. There are 5 friends of mine that are lesbian. My class discussions(I'm in Scholars magnet, so we talk about contemporary issues) involve abortion and LGBT people, and I'm the only person in class that is against those things, except this Muslim girl. Even the teachers agree! One of my teachers failed one of my friends which is in a grade higher than mine because he was pro-life and because his beliefs of God. My brother's teacher is atheist, most people are atheist in my school!!!!! For the past years I almost fell into being atheist too, until one day that I decided to open the door to Jesus and give Him a chance. My world exploded when I did. I felt His presence and I started to have this moments were EVERY SINGLE EMOTION SKY ROCKET!! I felt extreme joy and happiness towards Jesus, and I felt extreme fear, sadness, and anger towards myself whenever His presence fell over me. I felt to my knees and I cried so hard, my face was sore instantaneously. I started to hear to His voice. This is why I believe,because He revealed Himself to me. And He did because I gave Him a chance to heal me. I don't know how to approach my atheist friends and other students. I'm scared how they will react if I do. Please help me with this, I really want to share the Truth with them.
  3. Marvin

    Anime Group

    One Punch Man is also an anime. You should definitely watch it. Just 12 episodes but still the best anime in history. IDK if its on Netflix, but its on this website ----> http://www.watchopm.net/
  4. Marvin

    Anime Group

    I watch anime. The only manga I own is One Punch Man.
  5. The bible says nothing about it. God loves no matter what you wear. If it´s banned for girls, then also or boys. That might be a sect as maybe they see pants as masculine idk. Just feel free to wear whatever you want.
  6. "Yep.There are over 1.5 billion souls, potential children of God that owe allegiance to Islam.So it's good for us as Christians to be prepared to answer any questions they may raise. Here are five common questions:

    1.How can God be one and yet three?

    2.Is it possible for God to have a wife (Mary) and bear a son(Jesus) with her?

    3.The Bible contains errors?

    4.Paul corrupted Christianity?

    5.Christ did not die on the cross, and thus there was no resurrection?

    I kind of need help with those questions."


    1. God is one being in 3 persons, but He cannot be compared to nothing else. That is why he said to Moses "I am who I am", because HE cannot be compared to nothing else. His creation is extremely complicated, there is no reason fir Him to too. 

    2. God is all powerful and all holy. He cannot bear a son through sexual conduct because His nature is pure, He is capable of doing evil. His Spirit put Jesus inside Mary's womb. 

    3. The Bible contains no error. It does have contradictions if you get rid of the context, but the Quran contains around 120.

    4. Paul did not corrupted Christianity. He was historically usually along side the disciples preaching about Jesus, the same disciples that the Quran says that are "noble". Then why were they preaching about Jesus being God? Because HE WAS.

    5. There are 42 Roman and Jewish non-Christian documents that claimed about Jesus's crucifixion on the cross. No one has ever survived crucifixion, with the exception of one or two men that the Emperor ordered to be brought down immediately and healed by the best healers because they were the friends of the heir. There were three men crucified, but one or two of them died. Jesus resurrected, as He appeared among more than 500 people. This people believed what they saw as they were willing to die for it. The disciples believed that He was God(The Quran said that they were noble, if they were noble to Islam then they wouldn't have believed that Jesus was God). The shroud of turin could be evidence that I found clear, but it is disputed at this moment. 

    Conclusion: Islam is not "the true religion". Christianity is. 

    1. Michi



      1. How can God be capable of doing able. Re-read 2

      2. I agree with you that Paul didn't corupted Christianity. It just he speaks hard words and people don'tlike it. People these days don't want to hear hard words.

      3. I also agree that Christianity is the true religion.

    2. Marvin


      Yeah, sorry for number 2. That was a typo. 

    3. Michi


      @Marvin it's okay just checking :D

  7. Marvin

    Reaching out to teens through writing

    I'll love to write articles. I'm a good writer, probably like 10 times better than speaking for some reason. I would definitely love to talk about my current situation with being surrounded during class with non-Christians. This would definitely be a dream come true for me.
  8. Marvin

    Looking for friends

    Always here to help everyone. I'll love to be your friend.