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  1. I am a missionary kid and have always been a Christian. Recently I started going to a small school with only like a hundred students, and I am having trouble finding friends that are "good" people. I have a few friends that I know do things like drugs, sex, and drinking, and I'm not sure why I'm their friend. My one good friend is a seventh day adventist that I feel is slipping away from his faith, and good life. I go to church but there are no guys my age there and my town has no youth group. I can't find any good Christians at my school, and I know most of the people there. I feel very lonely as a Christian, and I have no one my age that I can talk with my faith about or get encouragement from. How can I find Christian friends that I can talk to about my faith, and just hang out with? P.S. I am praying for new friends to come along, but it just feels like there is no one out there.