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    I am a junior in high school. I love my family and the nature in the world. I love to watch and read action/adventure genres as well as fantasy and sci-fi. I love to play my flute in band and I am a huge math geek. My dream is to become veterinarian, but I also want to do something in mathematics or music as backups. My best friend is in the profile picture and she is the best!
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    Reading, drawing, flute, and tennis.
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  1. Kibberbits

    Friends.....High School.....Christianity

    Sorry I'm late, I joined and have been on and off since.. I definitely know what that's like. I want to become closer with God and learn more about him, but, although a few of my friends are Christian, they don't see things the way I do and they don't see a difference in why they shouldn't act or say certain things. One of my closest friends is a pretty serious Christian, but he is always acting pretending to be a "gangster" and making fun of rappers that create some of the most absurd music. He also cusses pretty badly and says some pretty inappropriate things. I really don't know how to act around them because I could stay shy, but then its like I want to have a conversation, and being shy hasn't been me since kindergarten and 1st grade. Sorry for the rant, but I definitely understand what you're talking about. -Becca
  2. Kibberbits

    Looking for friends

    Looking for some high school friends, I'm not a bot