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  1. SenpaiZach

    Is anime bad to watch?

    It's really not, anime is a wonderful form of entertainment, and I've been enjoying it for years. Now a lot of people blur the line between anime, and things like echhi or hentai. It's completely different, and majority of anime is 100% safe to watch. My personal favorite is Your Lie in April, its a must watch!
  2. SenpaiZach

    Need advice on parents

    Thank you for your input, and I agree God is more important. The only reason I said that she would be unhappy would be because of her anxiety, and I want to be there to help with that. And I will, God is absolutely the number one priority.
  3. SenpaiZach

    Need advice on parents

    May I ask why you think this?
  4. SenpaiZach

    Need advice on parents

    Alright so recently my parents have gotten more and more strict, and paranoid as I get older. Coming up this month is a huge youth trip called Motion Conference, I'm sure some of you have heard of it. Me and my girlfriend plan on going in order to get closer to God, as I've been wanting to do. The trip is with my church, and is heavily chaperoned and supervised. However even after being told this my parents refuse to let me go, so long as my girlfriend is going. I understand parents have the authority, but I think this is overstepping their bounds, as this is directly preventing me from an amazing experience that will help me get closer to God. Another reason is my girlfriend has already paid for and is going on the trip, but she struggles with anxiety, and I know for a fact If I am not there, she will be miserable, and probably unable to get closer to god, she also scratches her arms out of habit when she's anxious, and I don't want her hurting herself. As to anyone curious of my age, I am well over 16. My question to everyone is how can I convince my parents?