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  1. Ray Kurzweil and Dmitry Iskov from 2045 Initiative wants to end death completely and wants humanity to live forever in a "avator" by 2045 and it's becoming a midstream now. This is not a joke and they are completely serious about this. I for one believe that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead three days later. But I can not bare to live inside an avator for eternity.Ray Kurzweil is a very smart man no doubt about it, but I in fear transhumanism will become a reality by a quarter of a century from now, and I hope he's wrong about the singularity and transhumanism.They even think they can one day transfer your soul and consisouness to an avator from the human body one day.Also some people aim to bring back the dead.Technology is improving at an alarming rate and we will never know what they will be capable of in the future. Hopefully the second coming of Christ is coming to stop all this.Would transhumanism defeat death, if so, you can still choose to die and go to heaven with Jesus right? I for one would hate to be forced to be in an avator one day. I would still choose to die even though they invent the technology for immortality.Would that defeat the purpose of living for Christ and going to Heaven?They already created a robot that looks exactly like a human.Let me know if you guys think about all of this. When they invent the technology to live forever in avatars I will still choose to stay in by biological body and die and go the heaven.