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  1. NorthshireCleric

    The King's Academy

    I just found out that they have what appears to be a strong Athletics program (http://tkalions.net/), if you think that helps?
  2. NorthshireCleric

    The King's Academy

    Hi everyone! I am looking into a Christian college prep school in the South Florida area, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with The King's Academy (http://tka.net/) in West Palm? I would be very interested in hearing your opinions. It so far appears to be the best option I've seen, but I am still looking for guidance. Thank You!
  3. I will pray for you Monster/Messiah.
  4. NorthshireCleric

    Ways To Use Apples?

    I am a big fan of caramel apples during the Fall!
  5. NorthshireCleric

    Pet Dilemma

    I pray that Desmond takes a liking to his scratching post and leaves your valuables alone!
  6. NorthshireCleric

    Trying my luck in cooking.

    If you want to eliminate the complication and possibility of failure from cooking, just buy a personal sous vide precision cooker, and then just sous vide cook all of your meals. It is the easiest way to cook all meats!