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  1. NIV
  2. part two is better than 1 same thing but this made more sense
  3. amen God is good, and all the time God is good
  4. I think that we will look young and we will be able to recognize them because in heaven we will know everything so if we do we know who everyone is and we will be able to know who is who and if we knew them on earth
  5. No because the only way to heaven is through the cross, through Jesus Christ I mean their is no way we could be perfect unless we are Jesus
  6. It is finished john 9:30 they were Jesus' last words on the cross
  7. I would like pray that my celiac diseases. it basically means I cant have gluten I can get very sick from gluten and my reactions are getting worse the older I get pray that it gets better that gluten stays away from me - Arlene Jesus Loves You
  8. I completely understand my prayers go out to you
  9. you are in my prayers
  10. I think if it does not give you negative thoughts about God and the bible, I mean most of the people in my church like anime. they even like harry potter. I mean I lie it brings me back my childhood wonder and I think god wants you to be happy
  11. 1. then you read the bible and pray and probably find a church. because that is now a new beautiful life. things will go wrong and their will be people along the way who will try to tear you down. 2. no never because then what would be the point then of Jesus dying on the cross for us. Jesus loves you