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    Hey, you may have once known me as Precious.
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  1. It’s been several passwords/emails ago now I don’t even know where to start trying to find the right ones lol (too lazy to double quote) that’s awesome, Becky! Living alone is an awesome and terrifying experience lol. What’s your field?
  2. Hey, Becky! How you doing?
  3. Yo, it's Kimmie. Also known as Precious. I forgot my password and hated that username though so I created a new account. Anywho, since I was last here I've continued to work at the Crack Shack (More commonly known as Cracker Barrel), had a couple of birthdays, and bought a pet ball python. Annnd for those of you who don't know me, I originally joined CTF in 2010(?). I was super lame, met my best friend on here, have met up with him in person a couple of times now (and attended his wedding this spring), eventually became a moderator, and then ghosted when life got hard, and since then I've been around periodically...