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  1. for teens? This place is very inactive.
  2. I'm not denying the existence if God, i just find it ridiculous this person who posted this thread wants to force their beliefs upon their friends. Belief in religion is a personal thing, not something that is either right or wrong.
  3. Why is it 4 F's? Reproduction has no "f" in it.
  4. asexual or aromantic? If asexuality and aromanticism doesn't exist than i don't exist, and i clearly exist, otherwise i wouldn't be currently in front of a computer screen posting on a christian teen forum despite the fact i'm not even religious.
  5. Hand drawing is more free and less stress. Digital Art is more tedious and stressing, i don't know how you could manage.
  6. You've offered them to people, but have you offered them to an actual starving person? That apple could be their only hope. Their saving grace.
  7. Yes. Me and him are currently chillin on the pit of fire with martini's in hand. Honestly, it isn't the best beach destination, sunscreen is lacking and i'm burnt as hell.
  8. I've always thought of sexuality as being fluid or spectrum-like. I do believe other sexual orientations exist, are certainly natural and should be treated as such.
  9. I'm asexual/aromantic.
  10. Can't i be on both?!?! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. My parents are both immigrants from Albania so i voted south-eastern european. I'd like to take a DNA test one day, i've always been curious about my true ancestry (:
  12. Of course not. Sure, it has it's faults like most other religions BUT the "islamic" terrorism you see nowdays isn't really in the name of religion but for their own sick, twisted, POLITICAL agenda. Muslims tend to be more strict as a religious group, and the Quran is completely against killing innocent people so I fail to see how "islamic" terrorists are refered to as extremists when they aren't even practising their religion properly (or at all).
  13. Depends. If he/she/ect is your former teacher and you're of a similar age i don't see the big deal but when their you're current teacher and there is a huge age gap it's a no-no situation.
  14. * Mythology, Greek and Norse specifically. * Buddhism, i like how it isn't really a belief in an all powerful force that dictates everything, but more of a path to enlightment and peace within yourself. * Wicca, i don't know a lot about it, just that there are two deities (one female, one male) and it's a relatively new concept.