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    welcome :DD
  2. thank you too! i first wanted a big family when i met my god mother and her kids, she has 10. amazing right? XD and i'm 16 too
  3. i love your dreams and aspirations! mine are to play lots of music for everyone. whenever i imagine playing music i get really happy i want to try to learn piano, electric guitar, drums and learn to rap and beatbox i want to learn a lot and be very smart and help people with my knowledge i want to travel too and always be outside exploring and enjoying our beautiful world i want to fix my life, my problems and depression. i want to fix, improve and have good relationships with my friends, family and God and try to always be happy and help people i want to stay healthy and live a long time and have an amazing funny husband i can love to death and be super affectionate with >w< i would like about 3-5 kids maybe more, the future will decide XD i also want to take care of lots of animals and i love foxes ♥ and wolves and bunnies and every animal God's created also i'd like to learn drawing and animation and maybe have a youtube channel for my hobbies i wanna live somewhere beautiful and not too close to the city but it would take me a few days or more to think of every dream and aspiration of mine. there are too many and i keep thinking of more XD [ btw, this is random, BUT I LOVE EVERYTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS i sometimes wonder if i'm not obsessed with christmas THE MUSIC, THE MOVIES, THE DECORATIONS, THE FOOD, THE SNOW, THE SPECIAL HAPPINESS IN EVERYONE'S HEART THAT ONLY COMES DURING THAT SEASON i love every holiday in fall and winter <3 i'm only truly excited and happy during then XD ♥ ] sorry for this rant
  4. pumpkinems

    ask me questions

    hello everyone i'm new