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  1. blazzeman

    Living Life On the Edge

    Psalm 34:19
  2. You know we all wanna be like Jesus. dont worry soon enough He will send someone who endevours to be like Jesus, Your way. Hmm... May I suggest, If know one Is a friend to you, why not try being a good friend to some one.... Be Jesus's earthly ambassador to some one. !
  3. Wow, well said everyone, really inspiring. You know, Our best friend Jesus has also prepared for us other human friends to inspire and encourage us because iron sharpeneth iron. brothers or sisters I mean Christian faith Inasmuch as He wants us to be dependent on Him, He wants us to find in one another love, encouragement and comfort. I think we can only find true friends in the body of christ. Any person who does not have The True Friend(Jesus) in their heart can't be a true friend.