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  1. {Below are images of Jesus's real face and mid body and arms.)Matthew 27:59 says, "Joseph took the body, wrapped it in a clean linen cloth." After Jesus was killed, his body was wrapped in a linen cloth by Joseph of Arimathea, the Bible declares. I will prove that Jesus's followers safely kept his burial cloth(a shroud) unto this very day. It is famously known as the Shroud of Turin.(The evangelical professor and historian Gary Habermas has said that the Shroud of Turin is the real burial cloth of Jesus. Please Google : Habermas Shroud of Turin ) - Mark 15:46, Luke 23:53, Luke 24:12, John 19:40 ,and John 20:5 and 20:6 also mention the linen cloth and linen cloths. Seven times Jesus's linen burial cloth is mentioned by the Bible -so it is important to know this! [ Please understand that Jesus's body also had 3 strips of linen tied on it: one strip of linen tied around his chin to his head-top and another 2 strips of linen tied around his wrists and ankles plus the linen shroud(linen cloth) . That is why some translations say strips of linen in only Luke 24:12 and John 19:40 and 20:5, 6. but it's best to say linen cloths.] The light brownish picture shown in the lower left is a photo of the face part of Jesus's burial cloth, the Shroud of Turin; and the black and white picture is a negative photo of the same face of the same Shroud of Turin. The image of Jesus is on a linen cloth. No paint or coloring of any type is on the cloth. Even with today's technology no one can copy it because Dr. August Accetta M.D., and physicist( a type of scientist) John Jackson say the Shroud of Turin has X-ray type features in several areas like the mouth(the roots of teeth can be seen!) and his hands (the bones can be seen ;see image at bottom of page ). *Please understand that the small pictures on this page of the Shroud of Turin are not very good compared with other better,life sized photographs of the shroud; so you cannot see his teeth in these low definition pictures. The Shroud of Turin is almost 2000 years old - from the year AD 30. We know it's from 30 AD because of some careful coin detective work which I will now explain: We have coins from the year AD 692(over 1300 years ago) that have many of the features of the Shroud of Turin's face image! These incredible similarities between the AD 692 coins(called Justinian II gold solidus coins) and the Shroud of Turin are called Vignon markings. Below is a picture of the Justinian II gold solidus coin. If you could see the actual Shroud of Turin ,which is in Turin, Italy,(my picture is too small and fuzzy) and compare it to the Justinian II solidus coin, you would clearly see that both have: 1) a split beard -because Roman soldiers pulled out some of his beard as the Old Testament predicted!!! 2) a bump on the nose (look at both carefully- but remember these are small pictures , if you could see the real Shroud of Turin it would be easier to see) 3) A gap in the beard right below the lower lip 4) well defined right and left cheekbones 5) A streak across the throat There are even more similarities in this coin and other Justinian II solidus coins from 692 AD. (First we must understand that this coin was minted(made) back in AD 692 when they could not see the black and white photo negative of the linen shroud of Turin - because photography was not invented until the 19th century AD. So the coin maker could only look at the light brownish image(left rectangle picture) on the linen shroud of Turin. And in the light brownish image(left rectangle picture) the eyes look open as the coin maker made in the above gold coin picture.) Please understand this: The similarities between the Shroud of Turin and the Justinian II gold solidus coin prove that the Shroud of Turin must have existed at in AD 692. But civilization and life was so primitive and simple in AD 692, that there was no way on earth to make a picture like the one on the Shroud of Turin ( we can't even do it today) They did not even know how to make simple things like adhesive masking tape back then. (Remember no paint, ink or coloring is on the Shroud of Turin). So only God(Jesus Christ) could have made it; then it must be the actual linen cloth that Joseph of Arimathea wrapped Jesus Christ's body in AD 30. Below is a negative photo of Jesus's fore arms, hands and mid body from the same Shroud of Turin(the shroud is about 14 feet long). Professor of medicine Dr. Alan Whanger of Duke University(and Dr.Accetta and Dr. Joseph Jackson) says it is a X-ray image. This is truly miraculous because it is on a linen cloth and as we have seen above we can be sure the Shroud of Turin is from AD 30. But x-ray images were only invented in 1895 AD. This also proves God made the Shroud of Turin's image - at the moment of Jesus Christ's resurrection. Please google: Duke Shroud X-RAY One final point is that in 1989 the brilliant physicist(a scientist) Thomas Phillips, who is a professor,( with a PhD from Harvard University), wrote an article that said that the Shroud of Turin's image was caused by the miraculous bodily resurrection of Jesus![article appeared in the journal "Nature"] All praise to Almighty Jesus Christ, and to his Almighty Father and to the Almighty Holy Spirit. Your replies are very welcome.