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    Hiya! My name is Tina, and I'm a small town girl from Canada. Ummm, I don't know what else to say that I'm not putting in my Interests or About Me, so take a look at those if you want to know more about me!
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    Taber, Alberta, Canada
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    Reading and writing, TV shows and movies, and, most importantly, God.
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  1. TinaMae

    Girl Trouble

    Haha, I honestly just meant not to base a relationship off it. You do have to be attracted to someone in some way first. I agree with that.
  2. I want your guys' honest opinion. Do you think I'm sinning because I have anxiety and depression? I was diagnosed with anxiety a little more than half way through ninth grade. That summer, everything got worse. I began having suicidal thoughts...again. I had had these thoughts before, and had switched my medicine for my anxiety to something different. This time, I thought it was just the medicine giving me these thoughts again. Unfortunately, the doctor did not agree, and I was diagnosed with depression. I continue, to this day, to have suicidal thoughts. Some of which have come dangerously close to actions. I have no control over these thoughts. They just...happen. Luckily, I have started to see a mental health nurse regularly, and am going to see a psychologist this Thursday. So don't worry, I am getting help. Personally, and due to my friends and parents opinions, I do not believe that I am sinning. I just want to see the response I get on here.
  3. So...fall just started not even two weeks ago, right? Well, yesterday we got 10-12 inches of snow. Today we got to stay home from school because of it. They even closed the highway.

  4. TinaMae


    Hiya! I'm new here, so I guess I'll introduce myself. My name is Tina, I'm 15 years old, and I'm Canadian. Ummmm, I honestly don't know what else to say besides that. Everything else about me can be found on my profile. Well, not everything, but you get the point. Anyway, I'm excited to be a part of this community, and it's awesome to meet all of you!
  5. TinaMae

    Girl Trouble

    To be honest with you I've never dated anyone, so I don't know what you're going through, but I'm a firm believer that if God wants you with someone, he will put that person in your path. These girls that you've had trouble with clearly aren't the one that God wants you with. I don't know you, so I can't say whether or not you're interesting, or if you're pushing people away, but what I do know is that if those girls think you're not attractive, then they're not worth it. Those who choose whether or not to enter a relationship based on what the person looks like, are idiots. A relationship that is created solely because a person finds the other attractive rarely lasts. Personally, I'm not going to date a person unless I'm friends with them first. Sorry if this is sucky advice. It's honestly just my opinion on the matter, but I hope it helps.