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    Got Discord: Sofizzticated #6195

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    Heyo! Call me Fizz, or Lauren. I wanna get to know more Christians on the internet.
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    North Carolina, USA
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    I really enjoy art, some quality dank memes, Sci-Fi stuff, Aliens, Rps, making people happy, and of course God!
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    A teen who has no job yet
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    Southern Babtist
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  1. Welcome man!
  2. Welcome to the site dude!
  3. Aa thanks! Yeah I can see things are slow, but I have read a few things already, and I've learned a ton already! Y'all seem to have a good thing running here! I hope one day more people will join and make this site booming!
  4. Hello! Aa thanks for the welcoming! ^^ I hope you're having a nice day so far!
  5. Aaa everyone has such nice art! Hh here's some of mine. It's so nice to see so many lovely artists on this site! ^v^ Sona Headshot Art Club Calander Entry
  6. HENLO PEOPLE! Well I'm Lauren, but most people online call me Fizz. I'm new here and I hope I can meet some great friends here. I have no idea how active I'll be, but I hope I can grow in God on this website. I'm a sinner, like all of us; I curse a lot online which I hate sometimes, I struggle with jealousy, but who hasn't. I really hope I can become friends with y'all, and help each other grow! It seems like a great website so far!