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    Got Discord: Sofizzticated #6195

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    Heyo! Call me Fizz, or Lauren. I wanna get to know more Christians on the internet.
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    North Carolina, USA
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    I really enjoy art, some quality dank memes, Sci-Fi stuff, Aliens, Rps, making people happy, and of course God!
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    A teen who has no job yet
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    Southern Babtist
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  1. Fizzy!

    Hi all!

    Welcome man!
  2. Fizzy!


    Welcome to the site dude!
  3. Fizzy!


    Aa thanks! Yeah I can see things are slow, but I have read a few things already, and I've learned a ton already! Y'all seem to have a good thing running here! I hope one day more people will join and make this site booming!
  4. Fizzy!


    Hello! Aa thanks for the welcoming! ^^ I hope you're having a nice day so far!
  5. Fizzy!

    Post your art

    Aaa everyone has such nice art! Hh here's some of mine. It's so nice to see so many lovely artists on this site! ^v^ Sona Headshot Art Club Calander Entry
  6. Fizzy!


    HENLO PEOPLE! Well I'm Lauren, but most people online call me Fizz. I'm new here and I hope I can meet some great friends here. I have no idea how active I'll be, but I hope I can grow in God on this website. I'm a sinner, like all of us; I curse a lot online which I hate sometimes, I struggle with jealousy, but who hasn't. I really hope I can become friends with y'all, and help each other grow! It seems like a great website so far!