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  1. Joanne J. Zook

    compilcated and nervous

    Hi there, he is your crush and I think you need to take him directly about the feelings which you have for him and might be he is also feeling the same thing for you. You can also get advice from a romantic psychic reader who can solve your problem and motivate you to express your feelings in front of him in a proper way. I have heard good reviews about voyance sérieuse from my friend for a psychic reading. I think you can also try this.
  2. I just want to live happily with my parents and my love.
  3. Joanne J. Zook


    Well ! Don't feel depressed and pissed of. All your problems will be solved. Just have faith on God.
  4. Joanne J. Zook

    God always comes on time

    Yes, it's true! God is always there to help his children.
  5. Well! Your post is really concerned. I can understand your situation and pain. Suffering from the depression is really very harmful and sad. Various suggestions and tips can be given to you to make you feel good and outfit. For fighting against the depression firstly just know the actual reason of it, then try to find out ways of solving it in a positive way, not in the negative one. Making suicidal attempts is the worst kind of practice. Try to keep yourself happy, energetic, full of positive vibes and optimistic. Don't make yourself, pessimistic. You can also have a good counseling session where various tips and pieces of advice will be given to you. For this psychics like voyance direct can be best suited and recommended.
  6. Well ! Your post is really a concern and worth reading. Don't have any bad thoughts in your mind about your friend. All you need to do is just support her and take care of her.