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    hєllσ? uhm ѕσrrч í'm ѕσrtα ѕhч вut í rєαllч wαnt tσ mαkє mσrє chríѕtíαn fríєndѕ ѕσ thαt'ѕ ѕσrtα whч í'm hєrѕ?
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    221в вαkєr ѕtrєєt
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    αrt, muѕíc, cσmíc вσσkѕ, αnd lσtѕ αnd lσtѕ σf ѕhєrlσck hσlmєѕ
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    í dσn't hαvє α jσв *crí*
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  1. í'm nєw hєrє? вut hσw αrє чσu?? í'm lσσkíng fσr ѕσmєσnє... nσ αctuαllч αnчσnє tσ tαlk tσ lσl.
  2. hєllσ? í'm nєw hєrє αnd hαvє nσ ídєα whαt í'm ѕuppσѕєd tσ dσ (T^T) 

    1. Boogles


      find topics that suit you. reply to them. stqrt your own topics. message users you think are cool and start talking to them. 

      also i dig the lapis profile pic.

    2. Roselyn Dyke

      Roselyn Dyke

      yeah your profile pic is really cool and welcome to CTF hope you enjoy the site