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    hєllσ? uhm ѕσrrч í'm ѕσrtα ѕhч вut í rєαllч wαnt tσ mαkє mσrє chríѕtíαn fríєndѕ ѕσ thαt'ѕ ѕσrtα whч í'm hєrѕ?
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    221в вαkєr ѕtrєєt
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    αrt, muѕíc, cσmíc вσσkѕ, αnd lσtѕ αnd lσtѕ σf ѕhєrlσck hσlmєѕ
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    í dσn't hαvє α jσв *crí*
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  1. hєllσ? í'm nєw hєrє αnd hαvє nσ ídєα whαt í'm ѕuppσѕєd tσ dσ (T^T) 

    1. Buoyancy


      find topics that suit you. reply to them. stqrt your own topics. message users you think are cool and start talking to them. 

      also i dig the lapis profile pic.

    2. Roselyn Dyke

      Roselyn Dyke

      yeah your profile pic is really cool and welcome to CTF hope you enjoy the site