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  1. Hi guys, My friend Nathaly is just 16 years old. She was charged with a robbery case last week. She's really crazy about collecting coins. Numismatics is her hobby. Last day, she came to visit an old museum in Ontario. I don't know how, but she grabbed some old coins from the museum and she was caught by the authorities and charged a case against her. I'm not saying that she's innocent in this matter. But somehow, we have to save her. Unless it will badly affect her future life, education and even career. We are planning to meet a young offender lawyer in Newmarket . Have you ever been charged with any such cases? If so, what all were the proceedings? Please do share similar experiences if you know any. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello guys, My teacher Annie is suffering from some severe brain injuries. I was staying with her since the first year of my graduation as my family shifted to Australia and Miss Annie and my mom were college mates. She is a bachelorette and were staying alone before I joined her. Three months back; I was outside, enjoying nightlife with my boyfriend. When I came back late night, I saw her lying down in the kitchen with full of blood all over there. I was really shocked to see the scene and I immediately hospitalized her. It was found that she was having some severe brain injuries and later on a man was caught for molesting her. Miss Annie was much like a mom for me. She cared and loved me a lot. So, I should definitely do something to help her in this pathetic situation. We are planning to file a lawsuit against the accused. I have found a brain injury law firm Toronto. We are waiting for your suggestions and opinions regarding this lawyer to proceed with them. Thanks in advance.
  3. It depends upon the nature of your parents. If they are friendly, then no issues. Just tell them that you are in a relationship.
  4. Hello from Canada