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  1. deseree

    It Will Get Better

    Thanks for this. It's just what I needed. Just had a breakup from a long term relationship and a stagnant career.
  2. deseree

    Sexual and Romantic Orientation(s)

    Heterosexual 100%
  3. deseree

    Should I get back with my ex?

    A risk is always worth it.
  4. deseree


    What does Motionless in White mean?
  5. deseree

    Is this place dead?

    Well I just signed up here hoping to find a huge community but many posts seems to be from 2017 and earlier....
  6. deseree

    Refugee Protest in the Refugee Capital

    What were they protesting about by the way?
  7. deseree

    Can you be gay and believe in god?

    Sure you can. God doesn't judge. Only his followers do.
  8. deseree

    Sexual and Romantic Orientation(s)

    Exclusively heterosexual.
  9. I hope everything is better now. How are you feeling? How is your depression? I pray that you find happiness.