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  1. aggressivechipmunk

    Your Hobbies!

    That’s really cool! What sort of websites have you made? Are they like blogs?
  2. aggressivechipmunk

    Your Hobbies!

    I enjoy reading too. What sorts of things do you like to read? I'm currently working through All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot. I also like playing sports, riding/driving anything that goes fast, building things, fishing, and watching a good movie.
  3. aggressivechipmunk

    Suffering from anxiety and sleep disorders

    This thread is well over two months old! But, here's my two cents. I don't think marijuana (medical or otherwise) should be taken so lightly. It will only serve as temporary pain relief, not a permanent cure. There is also the potential risk of addiction or other negative health effects.
  4. aggressivechipmunk

    Is this place dead?

    I was just thinking the same thing! Even the security question needs updating; when I made my account it asked, "what year was it LAST year" and I had to type in "2016" before it worked.