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  1. MalcolmPeterson

    Excited about marriage

    Congrats on your wedding.
  2. MalcolmPeterson

    It Will Get Better

    How are you now?
  3. MalcolmPeterson

    troubles sleeping

    Hi. Are you still facing this issue? I thought of replying as I have seen many people facing such a situation.I hope that I am not too late in providing you a solution. Just clear your mind before sleeping and do not engage your brain with any thoughts. Keep yourself relaxed. You can try to change the sleep environment of your room. If you want, you can buy a new mattress that will provide you a sound sleep. I was looking for a mattress from Palma Sleep for my wife and found this site that has a great collection of mattresses. You can sleep well on a good mattress. Also, have a regular sleep pattern. Leave fears and concerns behind as you go to sleep. I hope these tips work for you.
  4. MalcolmPeterson

    Back Pain

    Hi. My wife too has back pain. She tried various treatments to reduce her back pain, but did not get any solution. Now, we are planning to replace our mattress. Hoping to get some solution.
  5. MalcolmPeterson

    Suffering from anxiety and sleep disorders

    I have no idea about this treatment. But yes, you can try it.