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  1. on the tenth day of the seventh month?, eat no food and offer a burnt offering, a smell pleasing to the lord, one young bull, one ram, and seven yearling male lambs, without any defects. 3 kilograms of flour mixed with oil with the bull, 2 kilograms with the lamb and one kilogram for each lamb. also one male goat as a sin offering. this in addition to the daily burnt offring and their drink offerings.
  2. and Moses told the israelites all that the lord commanded, the first day of the seventh month is for you to blow the trumpets. and offer a young bull, a ram and seven yearling male lambs, the proper offering of flour mixed with olive oil. also one kid as a sin offering to make atonement. besides the burnt offering of the new moon and the regular burnt offering and their drink offering. for a pleasing aroma, a food offring to the lord.
  3. during the festival of weeks, when you present the offering of new corn to the lord, offer two young bulls, one ram and seven male lambs. also one goat as a sin offering to make atonement. this smell is pleasing to the lord.
  4. the Passover festival was held on the fourteenth day of the first month? on the first day, no hard work is to be done. offer the lord's food offerings, two young bulls, one ram and seven yearling male lambs without any defect. the proper grain and wine offering, one male goat as a sin offering, in the same way for seven days. a smell pleasing to the lord.
  5. two young bulls, one ram, and seven yearling lambs, along with the proper grain and wine offering. this is the monthly burnt offering at each new moon. bring one gaot as a sin offering to remove your sins so you will belong to the lord.
  6. on the Sabbath day, offer two male lambs a year old, with the proper grain and wine offering. this is in addition to the daily burnt offerings. a smell pleasing to the lord.
  7. the required food offerings that are pleasing to the lord. for the daily completely burnt offering, offer the first lamb in the morning and the second in the evening. along with the proper grain offering and wine offering. first offered at Mount Sinai. a smell pleasing to the lord.
  8. the people soon began to ***** with the daughters of Moab. after the plague that the lord sent and killed 24,000, Moses and Eleazar took a census of the congregation, from twenty years or older able to go to war. the total number of the men was 601,730. to these, the land shall be divided for inheritance. and all the male Levite, a month old or more numbered 23,000.
  9. the lord said to Moses, Og's territory will also became yours dont be afraid. the same thing will happen to him as happened to king Sihon at Hesbon. the lord assured Moses and surely enough Israel was victorious. then the people of israel camped near the Jordan river at Jericho. king Balak saw everything the israelites had done to the Amorites, so Balak said to Balaam son of Beor, a nation has come out of Egypt and has camped next to me, come, call down evil on them. but god has not cursed them, they are blessed. Balaam answered, Balak could give me his palace full of silver and gold, i still cannot go against the lord's commands. i hope to obey the lord, i would not do anything to displease him.
  10. during the first month at Kadesh, desert of Zin, the lord said, speak to the Rock to give you water but Moses struck it with the stick. therefore the lord reprimanded him?
  11. the priest must sprinkle some blood of the red heifer with his finger toward the front of the meeting tent, and the he shall cast into the midst of the burning heifer, cedar wood, hyssop and scarlet? the ashes of the red heifer shall be kept for use in the cleansing water for purification from sin. whoever?fails to purify himself defiles the tent of the lord, that person must be cut off because the water of cleansing has not been sprinkled on him, his uncleanness remains on him. the lord said to Aaron, only your sons who are ritually clean may eat of the most sacred offerings, the sin offerings and the repayment offerings. you must eat these things in a holy place.
  12. the Tassel on the hem of your garments shall be for you to look at and remember all the commandments of the lord and to do them. but not to follow after your own heart.
  13. one stick for each tribe, twelve in all. Moses then put all the sticks in front of the covenat Box. the next day, Aaron's stick representing the tribe of Levi had sprouted and produced ripe almonds?