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  1. I want to give my kids British royalty sounding names that can be shortened to cute nicknames when they are little but when they are older, they have good sensible names. I like: Victoria (nickname Tori)(named after Queen Victoria) Elizabeth (nickname Lizzy) (named after both badass queens, Elizabeth Swan from Pirates of the Carribean, and Elizabeth Bennet) Sophia Marie (nickname Sophie or Sophia)(named after the fact that I like the name ☺️) Alexandria (nickname Alex)(named after the greatest library in the world) one of my daughters will have the middle name Annabelle after my friend who passed away Christopher (nickname Chris)(named after Christopher Robin) Alexander (nickname Andy) (only if I don’t have a girl named Alexandria. Also named after the library) William (nickname Billy or Will)(named after a whole bunch of people!)
  2. Elyse

    Hi, I'm new here

    Hello! My name is Elyse. I live near the Toledo area. My brother is going off to college in Grove City Pennsylvania. It’d be really cool to have a friend to visit when I visit him. I love music as well. I play piano, clarinet, ukelele, and am learning violin. I also love Harry Potter and Disney and animals. I am almost 17 and will be a senior. I’d love to get to know you!
  3. Hi! I am looking for friends in the Northwest Ohio area. Guys and gals, feel free to reply! I am 16, love Harry Potter, love Disney, and love animals.
  4. Elyse

    Harry Potter

    I LOVE Harry Potter. I want to talk to other people who love Harry Potter. I am a Ravenclaw and pretty proud of it!