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  1. Tony

    since I should do it anyway

    Hey, welcome Jazzy!
  2. Aww, I voted wrong.. I meant to vote for the New Testament. The epistles in the NT for one are far shorter than a lot of the books in the OT, they're only comparable in size to the minor prophets (and Jonah and Daniel). That's helpful because it's far easier to read like Galatians (6 chapters) over and over again than it would be for like Isaiah (66 chapters). The theology is also pretty interesting to me, it's nice to read about which combines well with it's size for me to like them better. The OT isn't exactly bad though, some books like Isaiah or Psalms (a beautiful book for giving praise to the Lord) are amazing books and rich in content. If anybody here is lacking on the OT, I encourage you not to get put off by size and read it.
  3. Not from Ohio either, but glad to see you here!
  4. Tony

    Prayer for a friend

    Thanks, God bless you!
  5. Tony

    Prayer for a friend

    Pray that God, who deserves all glory, assists a friend in her spiritual problems.
  6. Tony

    Learning Japanese?

    Maybe you could learn it on your phone? It may be a bit harder, but you can get a keyboard on your phone with any language you select. Though the keyboard selection shows two types of Japanese, Kana and Romaji. No idea what that means :p