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  1. I was thinking more along the lines of a giant bird that picks you up off the ground with its feet when you're not expecting it and flying off with you. How would you react over something like that? What would you say to the bird while you're flying?
  2. lol sorry, that's on me. Just got a little carried away, so to speak. Back to Q&A.
  3. "You got it. Just hold on to my claws!" He flies at warp speed over the ocean so you're there within a minute. And you're in Japan! You fly everywhere you wanna see, all the landmarks, and no waiting lines even necessary. After going everywhere you wanna go, he gently sets you back down on your feet. "We can do this again anytime!" And he flies off.
  4. "You have yourself a deal! I can take you anywhere you want to go, free of charge. What shall it be?"
  5. He responds back and says "You struck me as the kind of person who likes to fly. If I don't go too high, would you like to fly with me? I promise to put you down if you ask me to."
  6. Hmm. Yeah, let's say after picking you up off the ground, he says a cordial little "hello" to you. How do you respond back?
  7. Yeah, I'm thinking huge elephant size maybe. Something big enough to hold your arms in its claws and hoist you into the air. That's a good plan! Would you say anything to the bird while you're flying?
  8. lol that's pretty understandable. If it kept you relatively lower to the ground while it was flying, would you struggle to get free? What would you say to the bird while you're flying?
  9. lol nice. And when you find out you're not, what do you do and say while you're flying? :D
  10. Nice! But how will you be able to kill it while it's carrying you with its feet?
  11. If you're just walking along on a nice summer day and a giant bird swoops down and grabs you by your arms, flying away with you, what do you do? Do you see where it takes you, or do you struggle to make it let go of you?