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  1. Bay

    Regaining Faith

    Not sure if I can help, but I'm here to talk if you want
  2. Ok done joking * maybe * If I had a son, i would name him something like Conrad or Patrick for a daughter I'd name her, something floral like Rose or Poppy.
  3. * Gets a dog, names it Dog *
  4. For a girl I'd name her, Girl. For a boy I'd name him, Boy. * Insert completely serious face * :')
  5. Bay

    How many books have you read?

    It's impossible for me to say how many books I've read, I'm constantly going to the book store/ library. The worst I'd say the maze runner series it's the only book series where I waited for the main character to die. It was a dull / annoying pov to read from. The best book ever is the Bible. But if where talking fiction, one of my favorite books to read is- ( impossible to answer I have like a top 10 lol)
  6. Bay

    Christian book reocmmendation

    the christian zombie killers handbook
  7. Well I just finished reading Cress from the lunar chronicles, the author of the series has taken old fairy tales like, Cinderella, red riding hood, ect. And futureized them. Not to spoiler to much, but Cinderella is a cyborg. So far I'm enjoying the series.
  8. Re-reading psalms currently
  9. Bay

    Two Truths and A Lie

    I enjoy playing sports I love reading I've ridden a elephant
  10. Bay

    3 Word Story

    Pool inside it
  11. Bay

    The Rhyming Game

    Found A Mound
  12. Bay

    Do You Prefer....

    Mundane Taco DYP walking or running?
  13. Bay

    Change a letter.

  14. Bay

    When was the last time you....

    A few days ago When was the last time you went swimming in a pool?
  15. Bay

    Would You Rather Game

    One food till my last day would you rather drink hot sauce or toilet water ?
  16. You got me laughing, but smart idea ( for the restaurant )
  17. Bay

    What Makes You Smile?

    Anything can make me smile, I love laughing and smiling.
  18. Bay

    Favorite Christian Artists?

    Elevation Worship
  19. Bay

    Get to know you better

    Japan what type of super power would you choose to have for a day only?
  20. Bay

    Cooking From Scratch Recipes

    Preacher no-bake cookies, there awesome cookies with little effort. Ingredients Oatmeal Peanut butter Some kinda chocolate thing ( If anyone actually wants to make these I'll get the recipe lol) You boil the ingredients then set them on wax paper to harden, then enjoy!
  21. I probably have read the old testament more, but I try to read them both equally.