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  1. Last movie I watched was the first angry birds movie, since there is a second coming out I finally saw the first lol. It was a ok movie, I had a laugh at the hidden adult things within the film, illuminati confirmed :')
  2. I have multiple favorites, but I really like psalms.
  3. Bay

    When was the last time you....

    Does a theme park train count? If so a year, a real train. Probably ten years ago. When was the last time you where truly excited about something? (Off topic Merry Christmas:)/
  4. I've seen the ten commandments that was good, I can't remember if I've seen Ben hur.
  5. So I'd say the movies would be spilt between, recreation of bible event movies & the movies like showing the struggles of modern Christian? So my favorite Christian movie from the latter would be Hardflip, there's another one I really like but can't remember the name of it right now. As of the recreation of bible event movies, I'm not sure if I have a favorite, because most of them I've seen have messed it up. Does anyone remember that Noah movie? * shivers* whoa that could have messed some people up. Like random dude gets on ark and started eating creatures.... If you haven't read the Bible, THAT definitely didn't happen. You can see for your self, just open the Bible in genesis ( the beginning) and read Noah's parts.
  6. What are your favorite songs to celebrate Christ's birth with?
  7. You wanna make some kid pee himself by popping out of a grave? Eh, then I question your interest in said holiday. I laughed at that part tbh
  8. Bay

    Love Triangle...

    I honestly have know wisdom to shed here, other than to pray on it. It might take time but God always listens to our prayers. And he will answer in his own time, whether we like the answer or not.
  9. Bay

    Two Truths and A Lie

    (2 is the lie?..) 1. I've gotten stitches before 2. I've seen a person die right before my eyes 3. I've eaten frog legs once
  10. Bay

    Play with words

  11. Bay

    Two Truths and A Lie

    I'll guess for both Imma say 1 is the lie. 3 is the lie
  12. I read that is my hobby, I love reading. Any fellow readers feel free to talk about books here.
  13. Bay

    Two Truths and A Lie

    Correct :') i dislike sports greatly
  14. Bay

    Not really a sport

    Of course I recommend the Bible above all things. A series I've read (fiction) called the lunar chronicles is really good. It futurerizes fairy tales.
  15. Bay

    Ladies/gentlemen wearing pink

    Yeah I find it attractive when a guy wears pink, it shows he's not afraid of stereotypes imposed by the 50s? That men only wear blue & girls can only wear pink. I forget the decade it was black and white photos. But it shows a picture of boy, you'd think he was a girl the way he was dressed. At that decade kids wore the same stuff. And another discussion would be skirts VS kilts LOL can not Scottish men wear kilts? :') I actually don't have any pink clothing, I stick normally to darker clothing, stuff you can just be invisible in plain sight. Pink is like Orange someone is most likely to see you. :') I'm laughing out loud at how long my reply is. Oops.
  16. Bay

    Official CTF Ask Me... Thread

    Favorite thing: I don't know yet \_('-')_/ least favorite thing: it's like a graveyard here :') Question: What's your favorite Animal movie?
  17. Bay

    Favorite animal

    I chose dog because DOLPHINS were not a choice :0 (':
  18. Bay

    What are you eating?

    Can't really call it "eating" but chewing gum currently :')