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  1. lilyriekert

    If prayer works then why go to a doctor

    Nothing really changes. sometimes its up sometimes worse. Ill hang on.
  2. lilyriekert

    If prayer works then why go to a doctor

    I love my mom, shes not bad. she just cant stop. My dad is ok. i think he's not here because shes drinking so hes sad i guess. so if she stops my dad will come back and she can take me to school n stuff. not someone else. So u see im only asking for one thing. and everything else will then be ok. and i wont mind the rest.
  3. So I'm still new to this all. But if prayer works then there is no need for doctors? Why does it not work. Why does nothing happen. Why does my mom not stop drinking. Why does nothing happen? Why? It's like you alone in a room and nobody is there but people tell you everyone is there and listening but you know you are alone and there are no doors in the room.
  4. lilyriekert

    Being judgmental

    I find very religious people very judgmental. It's like if you don't believe just the way they do you do everything wrong and you are bad.
  5. lilyriekert

    Is anyone here Bisexual

    I don't think it matters because you are made like that.
  6. Wel it will be a nice bird and he will let me sit on his shoulders and I would travel all over the world. He will also pick me up in the morning and fly me to school so i will never be late again. And he will pick me up after school so i dont have to wait for hours before someone picks me up.
  7. lilyriekert

    This place is so quiet its spooky

    hi lol
  8. lilyriekert

    This place is so quiet its spooky

    Hi sorry. i didnt see people answering. still new.
  9. lilyriekert

    Want to quit alcohol addiction

    So what do you do when your mom drinks a lot
  10. lilyriekert

    This place is so quiet its spooky

    Ok that makes sense. I spring here where we are
  11. lilyriekert

    This place is so quiet its spooky

    I feel really scared for my profile to drift alone here. Nothing is happening. Its like everyone has been uploaded to heaven and im still standing around.
  12. lilyriekert

    Whats your favorite sport?

    Horse riding. I love animals
  13. lilyriekert

    Girls Swimwear Question

    I really cant see why not
  14. I mostly wear dresses. but I'm sure it does not matter really
  15. Hi I'm Lily and new here too