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  1. Lucidity

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    As far as I'm aware, only America and Canada celebrate it (at different times; Canada's is apparently November 1st) Anyway, happy Thursday to those who didn't celebrate it!
  2. Lucidity

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    It is at that. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Lucidity

    Fruits or Vegetables?

    Definitely fruit. I have a sweet tooth, sooooo... Though obviously, vegetables are good in their own environment. I've had oranges in a salad, and it felt out of place. But I'd rather ask for a fruit to eat than a vegetable.
  4. Lucidity

    Guess the person to post next

    Yep! ComedyMusicHistory?
  5. Lucidity

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    It'd be nice to see them around.
  6. Lucidity

    Prayers for Someone

    I will keep him in my prayers as well!
  7. Lucidity

    Guess the person to post next

    We might need to get other people in the game. ComedyMusicHistory? @LittleMac)
  8. Lucidity

    Coffee or Tea?

    ... What makes oat milk different from regular milk? Other than being oat-based.
  9. Lucidity

    Prayers for My Great-Uncle's Family

    I will keep them in my prayers.
  10. Lucidity

    Guess the person to post next

    I'm sensing a pattern here. ComedyMusicHistory?
  11. Lucidity

    Guess the person to post next

    Shshshshshshshhhh... *Ahem* Yes! ComedyMusicHistory?
  12. Lucidity

    Favorite Movie?

    The movie adaptation of The Lion,the Witch, and the Wardrobe by... Walden media? is one of them. I also enjoyed the new Hobbit trilogy as well. I even liked the Lord of the Rings trilogy, despite people mocking Frodo. For detective noir, I really enjoyed The Big Sleep, starring Humphrey Bogart. It had a resonably complex sequence of events, and I had to watch a few times to figure everything out. But for animated movies, Treasure Planet takes the cake. It was different, and enjoyable, and is the only movie from my younger years that I've watched recently.
  13. Lucidity

    Guess the person to post next

    Yes! Hmmm. CMH again, or Yoda?
  14. Lucidity

    Coffee or Tea?

    Ironically, I find single serve coffee pods taste too bitter for me. As it stands, my coffee almost has to be brewed from a caraffe for me to enjoy it. How do you like your coffee? It's interesting that tea makes you more nervous. I don't drink black or green tea often, but I recently had chamomile tea. What herbal teas do you drink?