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  1. SummerS

    How to record phone calls?

    I use auto call recorder app for that. Now I can save all my incoming and outgoing calls for later use. Never thought it could be so easy to do. I think it's a must have app today, now I don't need to write an important details that come up in a phone conversation.
  2. SummerS

    Mac or PC

    Same here, I use ios for many years. There are many good apps available for ios, esp I like pdf scanner app. With this app I can easily scan any docs and images in PDF and JPEG formats. I use it for scanning IDs and business cards and other documents.Useful tool today.
  3. SummerS

    Movie Recommendations

    The Descent. I love everything about this film and it definitely is in my top 10 of favourite films. An easy 10/10.
  4. SummerS

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    Bon Jovi - Timberlake
  5. SummerS

    Need friends

    that's true, I have many online friends from different countries. I found one cool free video chat app for iphone some time ago. With this app I can chat with people from different countries and I met so many friends there. Useful app for chatting.
  6. SummerS

    Radiation from Gadgets

    Hi, I have concerns about radiation from gadgets - mobiles, tablets, wifi, digital baby monitors, 4G, etc. What are yor thoughts? Are gadgets really harmful?
  7. SummerS

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  8. SummerS

    Good chair recommendation?

    that's a good question, I found many good models on Amazon. You can check reviews about wall hugger recliners to find the best one. Luckily they have affordable prices and quick delivery. I bought ne last year and it is still myfavorite recliner in the house.
  9. SummerS

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  10. SummerS

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure (UHD) - classic movie, not seen it for an age and loved every moment.