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  1. Ethanroy011

    Ask a gay

    Well, if we talking about the gay then i don't think that they are different in any thing as a writer i also love to write about the mens gay underwear.
  2. Ethanroy011

    Help me for new party

    So late , but i also confuse what i wear on the new year party but now i am ready my outfit , my lingerie and my sexy underwear before I will go any party, date night as well.
  3. Ethanroy011

    Can you love someone too much?

    yes or no! I will not give the specific answer of this question. But in this lockdown period i love my underwear styles. haha
  4. Ethanroy011

    What book are you reading now?

    Well, nowadays I am extremely happy with my Twilight series and this is my best series of my life and i love to read about the mens underwear style.
  5. Ethanroy011

    Some Dating Advice

    I agree with this, just dress up nicely, add the fragrance, wear sexy lingerie's and never forget be confident .
  6. Ethanroy011

    Body Gossip

    Its depend on yourself how you seen your body. No one can judge you until you show them you week points. I love my body , my fashion style. I love wear the different mens lingeries, mens fashion wear, boots and many more. I love who i am.
  7. Ethanroy011

    Fashion Design

    Its very nice, i like it. I also love to read and write about the mens fashion, mens underwear styles.
  8. Ethanroy011

    Girls Swimwear Question

    Well if you have a great physique then you can wear the two piece bikinis but you can also try the bikini underwear only. These two are different things even men's also wear the bikini underwear.
  9. Ethanroy011

    US Airways lets man fly wearing women's underwear

    well everyone is free what they want to wear that's not a big deal. Even men or women both are wear any underwear styles. May be he love to dress up like cross dressers.
  10. Ethanroy011

    Can pillows cause neck pain?

    Yes sometimes its cause the pain, but if you switch the pillow and don't use continue for hours , it not harm you.
  11. Ethanroy011


    I love to written the thoughts on mens fashion and mens underwear style and mostly use the wordpress, amazing platform for blogging. You can also read my content on https://www.mensunderwearfan.com/.
  12. Ethanroy011

    Loneliness and COVID-19

    Well, its depend on our nature, at the starting of lockdown period i also feel alone and lonely but now i have so many reason to leave like this not for whole life but i can spend my time to writing , cooking and some art work as well. I also love to written about the mens fashion now its become my hobby. You can read my blog here: https://www.mensunderwearfan.com/
  13. Thanks for giving such cute response, i will try.
  14. Hey guys, I am new here and keen interested to know what you all wear at new year eve. Give me some suggestion for underwear and innerwear? Well i just check various website like mensunderwearfan.com but need satisfactory answer to you.