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    Hey I'm Laura, I'm new here. I live with my grandparents. I'm from Europe. I love to get to know people and share with other Christian teens. Share life, advice on music and films, talk about pets and coping with being a Christian in a world that sometimes doesn't feel super Christian :'( talk to me, message me, I don't bite.
  2. Lauraforchrist

    Girls Swimwear Question

    It's not *what* you wear it's *how* you wear it, I think. It's your heart, your intention and your behaviour. I think the actual limits are more 'what it means to people around you'. So for example I've been to Brazil and very Christian girls wear thong/tanga swim wear, some go topless on the beach. If you come from a society where that's normal you will not think of it as provocative. But if you do that in other places you're sending the wrong sorts of signals.
  3. Lauraforchrist

    Universalism: Shall All Be Saved?

    If everyone is who is good but doesn't know Jesus is saved anyone it still makes sense to be a missionary because you can still be saving lots of people who aren't good in societies that don't know how to be and don't know Jesus.
  4. Lauraforchrist

    The Expanse

    Space always fills me with wonder and it's the one thing that makes me feel the enormity of our God the most. Has anyone seen the Expanse? It's a Scifi series, it's very dark and it definitely handles horrible things that fallen human beings will do with space, but it's also so beautiful. I also love that Space film called: Interstellar. Anyone else? Are there any good vibes Christian space films or series?